Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Trying to figure things out

3 Years ago, I opened my Etsy-shop, mainly for only one reason; I made a pair of skirt guards for my bike, and the comments on them were so great and encouraging, that I made a pattern for them and in order for me to sell them I opened the shop.

Picture 048

And it was a huge succes! The pattern has been sold over 400 times and I’ve made almost 30 pair of them.

And now, the look of my table is almost the same.


It’s time to think of a new pattern for skirt guards. I’ve seen the old pattern way to many times, and I want something new.

As you can see it’s still a bit wobbly; there’s a lot to work on, but that’s just the fun of it. Trying over and over again, until it is right.

For inspiration and I’ve put some old pieces on the table too, which is just a very happy sight.


So, very quietly, stitch by stitch, I’m working on this. The reason I’m not putting as much time in this as usual, has to do with the fact that we are looking for a new kitchen. So we’ve visited a lot of showrooms in the past months, and now the final idea looks like this.


Looking at this image, it seems like the kitchen isn’t that big, but is really isn’t a small kitchen. At least not in my opinion.

All we have to do now, is make choices for the floor and the tiles behind the stove. We’ve a sample of the counter top (black!) and some samples of marmoleum


Although my idea was to choose bright colours, I have to keep in mind that my family doesn’t like that as much as I do. So now we’ve chosen the sample on the bottom and it’s up to me to bring colour in the kitchen with accessories and food. It will take another 3 months, before it will be installed, but it is very nice to look forward to.

Something nice about the floor: after choosing it, I had to find out what catalogue number it had, and it appears that this particular design was made by Claudy Jongstra. And that made me smile. Claudy Jongstra is probably one of the greatest artists from Netherlands, and maybe in the world, when it comes to felting. Indeed a wool-craft, so that’s why it made me smile! If you look for her at Pinterest you can see what a beautiful wall hangings, rugs, blankets, clothes and objects she has made. (she also made Darth Vader’s cloak!)

Groetjes, Dorien


Sandra said...

Dat wordt weer een mooi ontwerp!
Leuk vooruitzicht om straks 'los' te kunnen gaan met accessoires in de keuken!

Monique van den Berg said...

Oh wat leuk om die verschillende ontwerpjes te zien. Heerlijk die kleurtjes en patroontjes.

Een nieuwe keuken uitzoeken is ook leuk. Ik kan me voorstellen dat je er naar uit kijkt.

Groetjes, Monique

Maxine D said...

Love all your crochet samples for the bike covers - I love the look of your new kitchen, and there is an amazing amount of colour in the flooring you have chosen - have fun 'dressing' you kitchen with colour!

Erin said...

Oh the new bike covers look fantastic. I love the little flowers.

I would love to redo my kitchen at some point. I want a dishwasher so badly.

liniecat said...

Love the bike covers.
Almost worth buying a bike for!
what a simple but superb idea to Make a paper pattern of the shape required!
So wud never have occurred to me to do it lol