Thursday, January 16, 2014

About Fabric and a Vacuum Cleaner


This week I’m alone at home with the boys. My husband is on a business trip to Luxemburg, and I really love having him around, I must admit it is nice to be ‘alone’ for a change. The boys have their own lives, they think a mom is only a nuisance. They are probably right.

A few weeks ago,  I got these really awesome boots; I’ve wanted them for years, but that wasn’t an option budget wise. But there was a bit of a problem. My legs are just over 30 cm (almost 12 inch) at their widest point, so it is impossible to find boots that fit there too. So I made a pair of boot cuffs.

I’ve used a simple cable-pattern, to make them extra thick, and still there is a bit of room left, so maybe next time I have to use even thicker yarn. But I’m not really comfortable with bulky yarns, so maybe this will just have to do.


Usually the table in the livingroom is my workspace. I love being there. But there is an occasion when I go to the kitchen with fabric and overlocker. That is when I’m working with faux fur.

Great fabric and the result is often gorgeous, but before you get there you have to cut into this fabric and you know what happens then:


Everything gets so fluffy and you find these pills everywhere. So what do I do? Immediately after cutting the faux fur I use the hand vacuum cleaner:


Before moving the fabric everything gets cleared away. Then right through the overlocker and if necessary again with the vacuum cleaner and I have clean, nice edges with no fluffing around.


What I’m doing with this fabric? I’ll show next time.

Tonight is going to be my last evening alone; the boys will be busy doing their own stuff, so it will be very quiet. Perfect to enjoy my new book. It’s already ready on the sofa with my warm shawl next to it. All I have to do tonight is make so hot chocolate and curl up with my book.


Groetjes, Dorien


Erin said...

I haven't thought of hooking up some boot cuffs! I have big calves and find it hard to get cute boots that fit over them! Thank you for the idea! I can't wait to see what you will be making out of that fur!

Monique van den Berg said...

Wat een leuke beenwarmers Dorien. Mooi garen en leuk patroon.
Bij mij is het meestal andersom. Ik heb nogal stevige kuiten dus heb ik vaker het probleem dat het te strak zit. Ach zo hebben we allemaal wat he ;-)

Groetjes, Monique

Maxine D said...

What a great idea with the boot cuffs - and so pretty too!
I must remember your technique with the fur fabric should I ever need to use it! Brilliant!

Sandra said...

I really like your boor cuffs!

Deidra Schaefer said...

That's right. Fabrics are indispensably a part of home living and lifestyle; it's a cultural thing. Yet with every object, there are effects. It's all cool. You mentioned vacuum cleaners, and yes, that's home living kind of finding ways to solve its own problems. But you should always drive towards getting the better versions of optimum ability. We can always knock things up another notch; that's the other thing :)

Deidra Shaefer @ Minuteman