Saturday, October 5, 2013

On my sewing table


When you don’t only crochet or knit, but also sew clothes and make quilts/patchwork, there is never a moment to get bored. But I do notice that it all comes in waves; there is a period with mostly knitting, followed by a lot of patchwork, etc. This time there seems to be a lot of sewing to be done.

Last week I finished my second blouse.


Again the same pattern, but this time made with a very soft but warm cotton babyrib.

Because there were some wishes in my family for clothes to be made, I went to a fabric market last week.

On top a denim for a pair of trousers for my husband, second a beautiful woolen fabric, also for a pair of trousers for him, but then a more fancier pattern.

In the middle the biggest challenge; a couple of meters black woolen fabric for our youngest son. He wants a tuxedo! The dresscode for the parties at school is changing, so he needs one by now. It has been years since I last made my husband a complete suit, so it will take some time to do this again.

The yellow fabric is a waxed denim  which I’m not yet sure of what to make with, and on the bottom a very colourful fabric for a new wintercoat for me.


Haven’t yet decided on model or pattern, and I guess I’m going to use some black fabric too.

First up is the tuxedo. The pattern has been bought; there was very little choice. Only 2 possibilities. Obviously not so much is sewn for men.


Groetjes, Dorien


nelleke markesteijn said...

Hoi Dorien, heel herkenbaar het periodiek bezig zijn met verschillende creatieve technieken :-). Dan heb ik ook nog schilderen, boetseren en toneel toe te voegen, maar wel steeds vrij fanantiek ;-).
Wat jij nu allemaal wilt gaan maken is bepaald niet amateuristisch! Petje af!!! Veel succes!
Groetjes, Nelleke

MaxineD said...

Oh Dorien you are going to be busy - you must be a very clever seamstress... The fanciest I ever made for men were some waistcoats for my son's wedding.