Saturday, September 28, 2013

And again, a new pillow for Fleur


Look at these sleepy eyes! The lady had trouble to lift her head for a picture, she really likes her new pillow.

Last week I got these samples at the market, and with one of them I wanted to make a new pillow for Fleur, as she had already damaged the one I made her only 4 months ago.

So I cut squares of 15cm (6 inch) from all the colours and sewed them into nine-patches.


I could have sewn these, but that was too boring for me. I cut each of them into 4 squares,


and started moving them around to obtain a new ‘top’ for the pillow.

006 008

Of course it became something else in the end, but it is just so much fun to move these blocks around, and see how different they look. (Pattern is called: disappearing nine-patch)


This is the result. This time I didn’t use a zipper for closure, but just simple buttons from an old coat.


So, Fleur happy with her new pillow, and I’m happy because it only cost me 2 Euro for the samples. I’m sure that if I had tried, I even could have found them for nothing, but I liked these, and this way they are worth their money, aren’t they?


Groetjes, Dorien


Teje Karjalainen said...

Hi Dorien and Fleur! Your new pillow is beautiful and looks soft and cosy! x Teje & Nero

MaxineD said...

What a privileged pooch to have new pillows, and such beautiful ones, so often! Wonderful patchwork Dorien.

Monique Koomans said...

Wat een super idee, eenvoudig maar super leuk effect!