Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Forest QAL, All Blocks Made

It has been quiet over here, hasn’t it? But I’ve been working quit hard. It was time to finish all the blocks for the Forest QAL. There were 6 more to make:

Slow Coming Spring

The flower is inspired on Liverwort, a flower with blue-purple leaves. I tried to find the right colours, and the result makes me quit happy, even though there are a few little flaws made.

Red Panda

Isn’t he cute? I never heard of this animal, but I really like him.

Fern Flower

The flower was inspired by a legend as Julianna, who designed this block mentioned. It is fun to read. Because my background fabric is green, I was afraid that it would become boring if I used only 1 green fabric for the leaves of the fern, that’s why I chose to make it like this.


Of course a little squirrel had to be made. Do you see the little acorn?

Pine Marten

Again so cute. I’m not too happy about the chest, but the rock came out wonderful. Took me longer then the marten itself, because I had just a small piece of this fabric, and I wanted to use it as much as possible.


Looking at this block I thought it was the easiest of them all. Just didn’t see all the points where the parts had to meet exactly!


So here are all 12 blocks (in random order). Even though it might not look like that, they all have the same background, so I guess the differences shown now, will be gone when made into a quilt. I’m not completely sure about how to make these into a quilt, but I have an idea. It’s just so incredibly complicated, that I’m afraid it won’t work, but I’ll give it a try.

Groetjes, Dorien


Anonymous said...

Hi Dorien! I'm so happy you have joined this qal, too. Your blocks are amazing! The snail has perfect colour, the fern is lovely with different greens, pine marten is beautiful even I was also thinking that the chest looks 'like a big tung' (sorry) - your fabric choise is great. Knowing you, you have something special in mind! x Teje

Monique said...

In één woord Fantastisch. Stuk voor stuk kunstwerkjes!

Groetjes, Monique

Monique Koomans said...

Wauw, ze zijn echt prachtig! Weet je of er een link is waar uitgelegd wordt hoe je te werk ga? Het lijkt me super om te doen, maar wel erg moeilijk!

Corina said...

Prachtige blokken Dorien!

Corine said...

Ik volg je blog al een tijdje, maar nu moet ik echt even reageren. Wow, wat ontzettend mooi!
Het lijkt mij een enorm project, ik zou er al tegenop zien om er eentje te maken, laat staan 12! Maar goed, ik heb ook nog nooit zoiets gemaakt. Je zal vast wel een enorme voorraad stofjes hebben lijkt me ;)
Veel succes met het afmaken van de quilt!

MaxineD said...

Beautiful work Dorien - I hope you share the final result. I am sure it will be stunning.

Naturally Carol said...

This quilt is a real work of art..I love the forest taking shape. Red pandas come from the Himalayas and are very hard to find there. My daughter in law just saw one yesterday at the Australia Zoo not too far from here.

Kirsty @ Bowerbird Blue said...

I love these designs, they're amazing, each would look beautiful framed.

Wendy said...

I didn't know you were so good at quilting! Your blocks are just amazing

Barbara said...

Hallo Dorien,
Ik vond net je blog via Echtstudio en wauw wat een mooie dingen maak jij. En je quilt in wording is echt te gek!!!!
Ik ga je volgen :)