Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Countless Threads

After all the exciting projects of the last few weeks, this little corner of Blogland has been found by a lot of new ladies from all over the world. Lots of comments and emails have found their way to me, and there are quite a lot of new followers. THANK YOU ALL!!!

One of the things I really want to share, is a message from a lady who bought the pattern of the 5 Pointed Star Pillow, who wrote  that she is going to make it as a ring-pillow for her daughters wedding. Isn’t that lovely??

For me it was back to business this week: a couple of orders for skirt guards, in the same colours even!


And because I really like crochet very much, I went on making them all at once, without taking time every once in a while to weave in the ends. Silly me; all there is left to do now, is weave in a huge amount of threads.


So back to work now, and hopefully I have something more exciting for you next time!

Groetjes, Dorien


Rhondda Mol said...

When I visited the Netherlands with my husband I saw the covers on the bike wheels - I have never seen them before in Canada - your 'skirt guards' are truly beautiful works of art!

Sandy Campbell said...

Oh my!! They are lovely! What do you charge to make them? I live in California! Sandy

Joined your blog too!! A very nice blog, I enjoyed my visit here!

Sandy Campbell said...

I am so sorry!! I just found the answer to my own question!! Ha Ha....have a good day!