Friday, June 15, 2012

New projects

Hello! I hope you have had a good week. We have. There was a lot of sunshine this week, so we have made a lot of progress in the garden. The first part of the terrace has been put in. Now my husband is feeling very sore; he knows now he has muscles he didn’t know he had. But he is doing a great job. As soon as everything is finished I’ll show some pictures.

I’ve been working hard on my orders. The first one: of course a pair of skirt guards.


Familiar colours this time.

The second order I’ve been working on is based on this purple scarf.

The colours and shape are going to be the same. But I have been a little stupid; the pattern I used for the flowers is gone. I’ve thrown it away. So I had to make a new design. This time no roses and leaves, but swirls and different flowers.

Sorry about the bad picture, but using the flash light made the drawing overexposed.

The knitting has also started.


As soon as I’ve started on the third project I have to do, I will tell you about that one.

Have a good weekend!

Groetjes, Dorien


Simone de Klerk said...

Die sjaal blijft het einde! Wat leuk, dat je 'm nog eens gaat maken.

sue said...

Wow you've been so busy, love that skirt guard!

sajuki said...

so pretty :D