Monday, December 5, 2011

Sinterklaas gifts

Hello! How have you been? I know that I haven’t been around much lately, and I really hope to visit your blogs again soon.

This weekend we had our little celebration of Sinterklaas. A real Dutch tradition, where we exchange gifts. I always try to make at least one handmade gift for each member of my family, and this year that meant a race against the clock. But I did it!!

I won’t bore you with all the gifts at once, don’t be afraid.

The first thing I’ll show you are a pair of fingerless mittens for my son. He has his own route to bring newspapers, and because it is starting to get colder, he actually needs a pair of gloves/mittens. But with those it is almost impossible to get the mailboxes open and the papers in, so he wanted a pair of fingerless mittens.


Yarn: Garnstudio Drops Merino.

Next to the Linen Ridge Stitch, I really love the Lateral Braid, where the stitches are knitted in a horizontal direction. It looks wonderful and is really not difficult to do.

Something else I made was a cowl for our Chilean host-son. He has a hard time getting used to the cold outside, and is also not really used to wearing a lot of extra’s like scarves, hats or mittens. The hat and the mittens he already accepted, but he still goes out without a scarf and that is just not the smartest thing to do. So I made him a cowl. That’s easier to put in his bag when not needed, and will keep him very warm when wearing it.


Yarn: Brooks Farm Yarn Four Play

And last but not least for today: a cowl for my husband. He has a beautiful black coat and didn’t have a scarf to match it, so I have chosen a warm grey yarn to make him a cowl.


Yarn: Online Linie226 Outland

Groetjes, Dorien


Teje said...

Hi Dorien! How nice to hear that you had a lovely celebration! In Finland we celebrate also before the Christmas with 'small christmas' parties - at home, with friends and at every work!
You have knitted wonderful things and especially I love the grey cowl!
xxx Teje

Naturally Carol said...

Hi Dorien, I am very impressed with your lovely knitted gifts especially the fingerless gloves, they are made in such a beautiful colour too.

Hazel said...

Love the knits! Love the mitts. Love it all. xx

sue said...

Your gifts look gorgeous, we did a homemade Christmas last year and had great fun. Everyone made something lovely, so much nicer than stressing at the shops!