Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Challenges, and a green bag

Hello!! First I want to thank everyone who left a comment on last post about the Yellow Spring Bag. I really appreciate it and I love to read those comments. Someone mentioned that she didn't actually like yellow, well, I don´t either! Normally that is. But as I mentioned earlier, I like it to have a challenge. Sometimes I seek for that in the pattern, sometimes in the fabric or yarn I use, and sometimes in the colour. In this case it was the colour. To use a colour out of my comfort zone, and then make something out of it which I really like, is a real challenge. I wonder if, and where you look for a new challenge!

Today I want to tell you about another bag I made last November. I couldn't blog about it back then because it was a gift for my husband. The challenge with this bag was the fabric. I used all kinds of tweeds and woolen fabrics.

Picture 018

The aim was to make a bag with a sturdy look. All of the fabrics were used before. I cut them out of old suits and coats. That way it became also sort of an eco-friendly bag. So the embroidery-design was quickly chosen.



The next challenge in this bag were the pockets. I know people say that women have a lot of stuff in their bags, but this guy!!! Really. He once drew me a sketch of his favourite bag. I think it had over 15 pockets. Being a little  bit mean, I made less pockets, hoping he would declutter a bit.

Picture 015

Picture 010

Now I have a question for you. Do you look for challenges, or do you prefer to stay within your comfort zone? And if you look for a challenge, what kind of challenge do you look for?


Groetjes, Dorien


Corina said...

Oh, deze is ook al zo leuk! En ja, ik houd ook wel van een uitdaging, iets maken wat je anders zo snel niet zou doen, iets waarbij je flink moet puzzelen om het zo te krijgen als het worden moet.

Teje said...

Hi Dorien! Great bag again! I love those fabrics! i think I like also the challenge to use a little bit unusual materials. That's the fun way! Often I start to make something challenging and just think "somehow I find the way to make it".
xxx Teje

angelina said...

gday dorien! i do love the bag, how very clever of you to reuse. i do also look for a challenge. its not always easy to use the most accessible or whats onhand. the cutting and piecing, but ah, dear mother earth does smile :)
love, angelina x

Jantine said...

Wat een geweldige tassen, zowel de gele als deze. Gebruikt je man hem ook echt?

Allison said...

I am so impressed by this bag. It looks very professional. The mix of fabrics is great!

I like challenges (like learning to knit a sweater) but recently I have been very stressed and want to work on easier projects.

Simone de Klerk said...

Ik hou ook absoluut van uitdagingen, al is dat niet altijd even makkelijk... Mijn komende uitdaging is om zonder patronen aan een appliqué quilt te gaan werken en met grote steken met de hand quilten. Wordt vervolgd!
PS: Mooie tas!