Thursday, January 20, 2011

9!! My favourite fashion brand

Favourite number 9 is about my favourite fashion brand. It is a brand which carries the most wonderful, colourful clothing, very wearable. It is the Spanish brand Desigual, which has stores all over the world. I discovered it a few years ago in Amsterdam, and ever since, every time I’m there, I just have to go inside the store and enjoy all the colours, fabrics they use, and to have a look at all the different ways they make unusual combinations of fabrics, prints, and the use of embroidery. My favourite items are usually the coats and the bags. I have one of their bags, and I will show you a picture, but I have to warn you, it has been used for a number of years, and it shows.

Picture 019 
Really the perfect bag for me, as it has a lot of pockets, inside and out!
As I said, I also love their coats.  I have been sewing my own clothes since I was about 14 years old. So every time I see something beautiful in a store, I think something like ‘I can do that for a much smaller amount of money’, or, ‘I like it better in a different colour’, or something else like that. So usually I don’t buy anything, forgetting that I just don’t have the time to make everything. And getting ideas over and over again, I usually end up with nothing at all!

But, a coat from Desigual, really inspired me to actually make one for myself. Not an exact copy of course, but using different materials, and different fabrics. I wanted a velvet-like coat , well, I guess since forever, so that was going to be the basic fabric. I added a few other fabrics and colours, did some machine-embroidery, and voila, I had my own coat.

Picture 003 Picture 004Picture 006

Picture 008

Now, only favourite number 10 is needed, and for that I want to ask you: “Which or what kind of favourite would you like me to tell about?” Please let me know.

Groetjes, Dorien


Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Teje said...

Hi Dorien! Vow - what amazing coat! I love your coat and that you have mixed defferent materials and colours! It's really beautiful!
Also your bag looks great - I'll go to check out that shop!
xxx Teje

Monique said...

Ik ben niet zo lang geleden ook in die winkel geweest. Heerlijk al die kleuren. Mijn collega heeft ook een jas van dat merk. Super leuk is die. Maar jouw eigen gemaakte jas is ook fantastisch!!!!!!!!
Lijkt me heerlijk als je zo goed kan naaien. Helaas heb ik dat talent niet meegekregen :-(

Jacey said...

I clicked on the link and had a little look at this shop.... wow..
there is some gorgeous stuff on there. xx

Karen said...

I love your coat! It looks so cozy soft and warm.
I'm headed over to the shop now, I love bags!

Madeleine said...

Your coat is gorgeous, and the bag too! :D Great work!

Naturally Carol said...

Beautiful things! I would buy that bag in a heart beat too. I would like you to tell us ~ "Where is your most favourite place in the city or your town to visit?"

Jantine said...

I agree with you on the brand and I always have the same feeling too, I can make it... But I never do. I really admire you for making the coat, it is great! Do you wear it a lot too!