Friday, January 14, 2011

6 !!!!

I have been a bad girl!  A little while ago I received the Beautiful Blogger Award, and I promised to tell you about 10 favourites of mine. The first 5 I did, but then, somehow, other stuff got in the way, and I didn’t tell you about the next. That is how it usually works with me; I start something, very excited about it, and then, something else comes to mind, new ideas, new material, and I start all over again. This way I end up with a lot of wip’s in the closet.

But, now about favourite number 6!

Picture 072

I was thinking about shapes. I guess everyone is attracted to one more than to another. Circles, squares, triangles, there are so many different shapes. And although I use squares and rectangles a lot in patchwork as well as in crochet, I think my favourite shape is the circle. I like the softness of a curve, and when I was browsing my pictures, I saw that I have a tendency to drape in circles.

 Picture 059

Picture 29 juli 9

Even in patchwork there are some beautiful circles

Picture 013

and of course, even my pincushion is round



Groetjes, Dorien


Karen said...

Hi Dorien,
What an interesting observation about you love of circles. Your photos really do tell a story, and a beautiful one at that. I'm really enchanted with your color combinations.

Naturally Carol said...

That is true...even your bike wheel covers are circular. I love the pincushion and the second picture with its lavender colours especially.

Clara said...

Funny but I'd use it to my advantage and purposely think about circles and see what turns up!

Anonymous said...

Hello Do,
Like you, my favorite shape is the circle...Even for a car for example I love it full of curves :)hehe
Have a perfect evening!
P.S: The first pic is heavenly beautiful :)

patchworkdelights said...

And what lovely round items they are too!

I have to say i like squares, scared a circles in terms of tackling round shaped projects!

A friend of mine is hosting a giveaway Dorien, and it's a make up brush roll that also works a holder for your crochet hooks, you may be interested to hear!

X fi

Teje said...

Hi Dorien! What a lovely post! I love all your circle crafts! What a lovely pincushion, nice idea those triangles aroud! the scarf is beautiful and exiting colour!
How is the jungle going on?
Have a lovely time! xxx Teje