Friday, September 3, 2010

A fool and her projects


I’m a fool! I always consider myself a practical, realistic girl, but sometimes I just  can’t help myself. When it comes to projects I really need to make, I somehow seem to forget that every single day only has 24 hours. That a lot of those hours need to be filled with all kinds of activities like sleeping, eating, cleaning, shopping for groceries, cooking, walking the dog, washing, and of course trying to keep the boys on track.
Although I always try to be as efficient as possible at all these tasks, it just leaves too little time to craft. (NO, I’m not being unrealistic here). I just need more time.

What I actually don’t need, is another project. But, I just couldn’t resist. It’s a Knit'-along over at Ravelry, and the people who already joined were so extremely enthusiastic, that it was just impossible not to join.

What we’re making?
This lovely vest by Drops Design :


A new project calls for new yarn:

Picture 008

Funny, how this just seemed to be growing in my garden. Beautiful Alpaca from Drops.

My other projects keep also busy, so I have to go and look for ways to have more time: no washing?, no cooking? or maybe, like most of the time, (a lot) less sleep?!


Jacey said...

I would just stick to eating, sleeping and crafting.
I need one of those plants in my garden.
Jacey x

Fiff said...

Hi there, i like your blog! I'm now a follower. I wondered one thing; do you have drops yarn in stores or do you have to buy it over the internet?

Just-Do said...

Thank you ladies for visiting and commenting on my blog.

To Jacey: I am sorry but I don't have any seeds left of this plant!

To Fiff: if you look at the website of Garnstudio; they have a page in swedish, and there are on the left bottom mentioned stores in Sweden where you can buy Drops yarn. (this goes for every language on the site)

groetjes, Dorien