Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Becoming a blanket

It is QUIET over here. The boys are back to school and DH is back at work. The house is empty, except for the dog, the cat and me. So I’m sitting here with a cup of  coffee, thinking of all the projects I’m working on. A few of them I’ve already blogged about, but most of them are somewhere in a closet, where they lie silently waiting for the moment I remember them.

Yesterday I’ve been sewing together the squares

Picture 097

and choosing colours for the borders of these blocks

Picture 099

I came up with light and a bit darker lilac, reddish pink, dark red and every single block gets a border in off white.

Picture 101

I know I didn’t want to use any white, but looking at it, I think it needs this little border for more cohesion . I’m really happy how it turns out.

Something else I’m very happy about, is the people who visit my blog. And even more if they leave a comment. THANK YOU SO MUCH LOVELY LADIES!!!!!!!!!!

Sometimes a question is asked, and especially about this scarf I made a little while ago

Picture 039

The yarn I used was variegated, so that gives the effect you see, (Fabel by Drops, Garnstudio). The pattern I found through the blog of  Elizabeth Cat who made several scarves by this pattern. If you browse her blog, you can see what different yarns and colours will do.


Pearlin J said...

your work is lovely!

Crochet with Raymond said...

Hi Do! your blanket is coming along nicely, it's so lovely I want to get off the computer and grab a few moments of crochet before I go to work!!!
I love your scarf too, and found a pattern but it was in that graph thingy style which I can't read, do you know where to get a pattern that is written out? I'd love to make one too.
Hmmmm... I wanted to tell you that I am training to be a counsellor and I have noticed this year it is very hard work, and I notice that the harder it gets, the more important my crochet becomes in my life, we call it self care! It's my way of escaping the work, the stress and the enormous personal growth all crammed into 8 months of the year! thank god for crochet, or I would be insane! (more insane)
Love from Alice XXX

Gillian said...

I just love the colours in your squares :) and your scarf is Stunning!!

ps, you have a lovely blog :)