Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Washcloth Wednesday #7


It is Wednesday again, so time for another washcloth. Again crochet; somehow I seem to like this technique more for these washcloths than I do knitting (don’t worry, I will make more knitted washcloths!).


I’ve use a mercerized cotton this time, and it gives a very smooth, silky texture. Looks quite luxurious.


Start with a multiple of 8ch + 1

Round1: sc into second st from hook, * skip 3 st, 9dc into next st, skip 3 st, sc into next st *, repeat * * until end, turn

Round 2:  ch3 (= 1st dc), dc into first st, * ch5, skip 9dc-group, [1dc, ch1, 1dc] into next sc *, repeat * *, end with ch5, skip 9dc-group, 2dc into last st, turn

Round 3: ch3 (= 1st dc), 4dc into first st, * sc into 5th dc of 9dc-group 2 rounds below (enclosing the ch5), 9dc into ch1-space *, repeat * *, end with sc into 5th dc of 9dc-group, 5dc into last st, turn

Round 4: ch3, skip 5dc-group, * [1dc, ch1, 1dc] into next sc, ch5, skip 9dc-group *, repeat * * , [1dc, ch1, 1dc] into last sc, ch3, slst into last dc, turn

Round 5: ch1, sc into first st, * 9dc into ch1-space, sc into 5th dc of 9dc-group 2 rounds below (enclosing ch5) *, repeat * *, end with sc into last st, turn


Repeat rounds 2-5 until desired height. End with a round on the wrong side: instead of ch5: [ch2, sc into middle of 9dc-group, ch2]


Groetjes, Dorien


mamasmercantile said...

Stunning, I think that is my favourite so far. It really is a luxury cloth perfect for a gift.

feltfree på Åsly said...

What a lovely cloth.

Maxine D said...

Dorien this is gorgeous - love this pattern!