Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Getting back to normal life……I guess

Slowly, step by step a new rhythm is starting to find its way in my life. After a couple of months sitting, and since 2 weeks starting to learn how to walk again, I’m finally able to walk without crutches again. So, even though it is going terribly slow, I can go out for a walk with Fleur, which is such a joy. I just can’t tell you how much I missed this.

So, you would think that 3 months of sitting, would give me the opportunity to make lots and lots of thinks, but well, I hardly did anything but read. More than 20 novels have found their way to my bookcase. Some by authors I already knew (Gioconda Belli, Evely Waugh, Virginia Woolf and Gabriel Garcia Marquez) , but also quite a few new discoveries (James Salter, Siri Hustvedt and Romain Puertolas).

mosaic Colorful Crochet Book

Because I was asked to show someone the things I made with crochet , I made this mosaic, and I think it pretty much shows what I’m about with crochet, doesn’t it?

Something which is going to change, is that I probably will spend less time on crafting, because I’m going back to school. Well,…., sort of. I’ve enlisted for a study in Cultural Sciences at university. It’s something I’ve always wanted, and in fact already started over 20 years ago, but unfortunately had to quit. New chance.

So at the moment, I’m looking and trying to find a new way of spending my time, to find a new balance between all activities. Guess it will take some time.

Last but not least a little preview of what is going to be my new cardigan.


It’s the first time I’m knitting top-down, and it really is a nice technique. When it’s finished I’ll give more details about yarn and pattern.

Groetjes, Dorien


Hawthorn said...

When I had surgery on my knee - it was 6 weeks of incapacity - by the end I was fed up, but it does pass. Your new adventure at the university sounds positive - sounds very interesting :)

Monique van den Berg said...

Pff, dat herstel duurt zeker lang. Maar gelukkig gaat het de goede kant op.
Wat goed dat je je studie weer gaat oppakken. Logisch dat het handwerken dan op een lager pitje komt. Hopelijk verdwijn je niet helemaal uit blogland.
Wat wordt dat een mooi vest. Kijk al uit naar het eindresultaat.
Groetjes, Monique

Monica Gullesen Hansen said...

Oh what a lovely color boost your mosaic is! I love it.
I've been sitting and on crutches for 3 months as well this year and I do understand the joy of walking your dog. Just the short strole was a bliss. Happy hooking and good luck at Uni.

mamasmercantile said...

Good for you going back to university. Your crochet mosaic looks a real delight.

cristina said...

His works are wonderful!
And it's a good idea go back in college!
I am happy to greet you!
Have a nice day!

Maxine D said...

Wonderful to 'see' you again Dorien. My hisband has a leg in plaster after breaking his ankle in two places - it is hard for him to do anything but read!!
I love the look of your cardigan, and congratulations on going back to study!!

ipatchandquilt said...

Heel heel veel plezier met de studie! Die staat ook nog op mijn verlanglijstje!

Murakamari said...

Cardigan looks really nice! Good you are getting better and it's great you are going back to school!