Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Shawls and Pajamas

Hello lovely ladies! How nice of you to stop by. Today no knitting! As I mentioned last Sunday, I would show what I made with the fabrics I bought at the fabric market. The first 4 items have been finished. Sounds crazy, but they were really the most simple items one can make. First there are 2 pajama trousers for son nr. 2. They are made within 2 hours each.


You only have to look at his fists to see how much he liked showing!

So the other trousers I photographed without him in them.


Stars on a grey background. Sounds a little bit boring, so I added a red lining for the waistband and a couple of red buttons, just for show.


Then I made 2 new shawls. I’m wearing a scarf/shawl every single day. In Winter they are usually made of warm woolen fabric, but in Spring and Summer I want them very light and airy. So I bought two fabrics which are very light, one with a very summery feel to it, and one with more warm colours. To make them into rectangles, I tore them. This way you are sure to make them straight. Then I used the overlock machine for a simple finish of the seams, and voila, 2 new shawls!

011 020



18 Years ago this day, was freezing and it was very slippery. Today the sun shines abundantly and it’s a wonderful 12 degrees outside. Why I know this so exact? It’s the birthday of our oldest son. Today we celebrate his birthday, and I must admit, 18 years sounds very different than 17 years!

Groetjes, Dorien


Hawthorn said...

I immediately thought of my eldest son when I saw your photo of the clenched fists, yup - the sort of pose mine would strike if asked to be photographed! He is about to turn 16 and yes, 16 feels a whole world older (and more complicated) than 15.

Monique Koomans said...

Van harte gefeliciteerd met je zoon. En wat fijn dat je zo snel zo veel kan maken! En lekker draagbaar! Ze zijn goed gelukt.
Groetjes Monique

knitalatte said...

Happy Birthday to your son. 18, wow, that is a great age, my son turned 21 in January and wow, it sure is another milestone. So grown up! Love the pjs you made for him, they look so cozy.

Maxine D said...

Love the pyjamas, and the clenched fists - I would have had that too!
Those shawls are beautiful :-)