Sunday, February 23, 2014

More samples and a surprise

When is enough enough? Making up these patterns inspired by South American motives is so much fun to do. But I guess I have enough now.

Two more sets of motives I made: in the middle you see all these triangle shaped motives.  Some of them a bit nicer than the others; but all of them usable. In fact the brown one almost on the bottom, I think is suitable for a Tudor inspired knitting project as well.

On the left of the picture above, you find a couple of animals, which you can find a lot in especially the textiles from Peru.

When you look at the pictures of original Peruvian textiles, you see that the proportions of the animals are always a bit off. It was hard to figure this out, but I think the idea is okay like this.

So now, all I have to do is to think of a way of combining some or maybe even all of these motives into one pattern. A scarf would be the easiest thing to do, so I guess I’ll just start with that.

Today I went to a textiles market. Lots and lots of fabrics, and I even bought a few, for PJ’s for my son, shirts for me and jeans for my husband. I’ll show when I use them.

Something I found too was a big surprise, considering what I’m working on:

Might I need some more patterns for my knitting project, I only have to look at this gorgeous fabric.

Groetjes, Dorien

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nelleke markesteijn said...

Wat een mooie motieven zijn dat! Ik vind ze zo samen met alle kleurnuances ook prachtig lijken!! Misschien kun je ze wel samen gebruiken om een patchwork tas te maken :-))??
Maar ook een shawl wordt vast heel mooi!
Groetjes, Nelleke