Sunday, December 22, 2013

And then there were 5



How many pillows does one need? In my opinion you never have enough! So a new pillow landed on our sofa. Not really a new pillow, but the cover is new.


Apologies for the bad picture; but here it shows how I made the closure. On one side I crocheted 10 rows of sc, on the other side 5 rows of sc and a final row of sc with little loops. Then I put these on top of each other and made 3 rounds of grannie stitches, and a final round of sc.


2 Circles for both sides (with the same amount of stitches in the last round as in the final round described above), and finally crocheted together with slip stitches.


And last but not least, a few colourful buttons:


The funny thing I noticed making this cover, is the more colours you use, the less important it is how they match. If you use only a handful of colours, it is very important to choose the colours carefully, but making the squares I’ve tried to do it completely randomly; I put a cloth over my yarn, and with my hand I grabbed a new colour. Only if I took the same colour I had to put it back. And in the end I think it really worked.


Maybe you remember the pile of fabric I  bought a few months ago; one of these fabrics was for a suit for my youngest son. It is finished, he already has worn it twice, and I do have a picture for you, but it isn’t a great pic and my son didn’t want his face on it.

I wish all of you a wonderful Christmas!!

Groetjes, Dorien


nelleke markesteijn said...

Je kussens zijn superleuk bij elkaar. Dat random kleuren kiesen werkt inderdaad perfect!
Maar vooral het pak van je zoon wekt mijn bewondering!!!! Wat prachtig gemaakt zeg! Ik heb wel overhemden en pantalons en jassen gemaakt, maar een heel pak ........ WOW! Niet alleen het naaiwerk maar ook de versteviging en het stomen....! Echt supergoed!!
Groetjes, Nelleke

Monique van den Berg said...

Ik ben helemaal in love. Wat een prachtige kussens. En die rol, geweldig. Ik word hier zo vrolijk van. Eén vraagje. Heb je de overtrekjes gevuld met kussens of met kussenvulling? Want ik neem aan dat je die ster niet als kussen hebt gekocht.
Dat pak van je zoon heb je ook heel knap gemaakt.

Groetjes en fijne feestdagen.

Maxine D said...

Love your wonderful colourful cushions Dorien - they look fabulous,
The suit looks great too - typical of a boy not to want his face in a photo. ;-)

Corry said...

Hoi Dorien,

Leuk dat je me vanmiddag bij Bagels & Beans je kaartje gaf. Je maakt prachtige dingen! Wie weet kunnen we in de toekomst eens samenwerken? Ga zo je blog even op de FB pagina van Workshops Alkmaar vermelden.



Murakamari said...

Your pillows look just wonderful!

Creative Design said...

Love all of them! Colors are great and the photos are perfect! Visiting from annemarie's blog.


Drie Hoog said...

Wat een leuk blog heb je! Ik heb t onlangs gevonden en ben nu een regelmatige bezoeker.En je hebt gelijk.. kussens heeft een mens nooit genoeg!

Fru Albertsson said...

Love all of your pillows, all the color and different shapes!
I now crochet pillowcases in only white, I have had colorfull pillows for a long time and are trying a different thing :-)
Happy New Year to you!

Muriel said...

your pillows are absolutly the regards from muriel

LitlBits09 said...

You made a suit!???
That is some very talented seamwork, young lady! You ARE a Seamstress. And a professional Yarn Artist! I am so very jealous.
I don't do any of them that well.....but I keep on trying! I seem to have inherited the least seamstress talents. My Mom was a pro. Made Custom Made Drapes, etc. Two of my sisters have done professional in a leather business of her own.
Me? I just 'dabble'. And I just keep on trying. I have to say, crochet, for me, is the easiest - and the best...I used to knit. I didn't like doing it. I recall making a sweater for my brother - think it's the one and only thing I ever finished - and never knit again!
Crochet a different story. Your African Flower menagerie is on my Wish List for Christmas....I want ALL those patterns. Can't afford to spend that much on myself, but I'll put it on the list if anyone asks what I want...
Anyhow...thank you for sharing your very considerable talents with all of us...inspiring - we'll all just keep on trying!