Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Camping Bird

Thank you all for answering my question last week. I decided to choose the second option, but I agree with you ladies, the difference between the 2 options was quite small.
So the skirt guards have been finished and are on their way to K. I think I’m going to make another pair like this, because I really liked them and my own skirt guards need to be replaced.


When we went on vacation this summer, I needed something ‘easy’ to knit to take with me. Although the pattern at first looked quite complicated, I decided to take it anyway, and luckily it worked out perfectly, because after the first repeat I even didn’t need the pattern anymore, it was that easy!


The pattern is Dreambird, by Nadita Swings. All you do is knit short rows, lots and lots of short rows. But the way of knitting the first stitch is explained very well and it is very easy. So no wrapping and turning, and no holes.


The natural coloured basic yarn is: Fortissima Socka, by Schoeller & Stahl, the selfstriping yarn I used for the feathers is: Drops Delight, colour 10.


Groetjes, Dorien


nelleke markesteijn said...

Hij is prachtig!!! Ik heb het patroon ook liggen, ben nog niet begonnen omdat ik nog twijfelde over de wolkeuze. Die van jou vind ik wel heeel erg mooi. Zelf wilde ik NORO voor de veren gebruiken, maar nu ik deze heb gezien.....
Groetjes, Nelleke

Monique said...

Dorien, wat heb je weer een prachtige aparte sjaal gebreid.

Ziet er heel moeilijk uit maar dat is logisch als je niet kan breien zoals ik.

Echt een juweeltje.

" m(i)e " said...

da's een heel mooie versie van dit patroon !

Corina said...

wow, die is echt prachtig!

MaxineD said...

Oh Dorien this is fabulous - love the pattern and your colours are beautiful.

Monique Koomans said...

Wat een prachtige sjaal, met super mooie kleuren!

Wendy said...

that is absolutely stunning!

Tinaspice said...

WOW!!!! That's absolutely STUNNING!!
I may have to ask a friend to make one for me! Thanks for the pattern and yarn details too.

Can I just ask about your last post? - what is the skirt guard for?? I've never heard of them.

Kind regards