Monday, August 26, 2013

A Question

Hello! Welcome to my little corner in blogland.

Today I have a question for you. Last week I got an order from K. to make a pare of skirt guards. She wanted them with lots of colours, but without the flowers I usually make. And that meant a challenge, because the flowers are used to give the skirt guards their round shape. Now I had to increase the number of stitches (to obtain the round shape), without disturbing the pattern too much.

I think I’ve managed to do so:



Now you might think that I’ve made a mistake to put in the same picture twice? I didn’t! Both skirt guards are different; the difference is the way I’ve increased the stitches. Take a better look:




In the first picture I’ve increased between 2 clusters, in the second picture I’ve increased within 1 cluster.

Now my question: what way do you like best?  I just don’t know which one to choose, so maybe a little input from you could help.


Groetjes, Dorien


nelleke markesteijn said...

Er is niet veel verschil te zien, maar ik zou de "in between" kiezen.
Beide zijn heel mooi en zullen prachtig staan op een fiets. Soms kijk je als maker ook wel eens TE nauw! Zei mijn moeder dan :"een hardloper ziet het niet en een zachtloper heeft er geen erg in" :-D.
Groetjes, Nelleke

Corina said...

Ik zou voor de tweede versie kiezen, denk ik. Wel erg leuk deze variant!

Monique said...

Hoewel het verschil minimaal is vind ik de 2e foto het mooist.

Groetjes, Monique

MaxineD said...

I think I prefer the first style of increase Dorien :-)

Joy Morgan said...

My vote is for the second one. But they both work so it's up to you really.

Teje Karjalainen said...

Hi! I couldn't have noticed but now when you ask, I prefer the second. Looks beautiful! x Teje

Monique Koomans said...

Het verschil is minimaal, als het af is zal je het verschil niet merken. Als ik zou moeten kiezen, ga ik voor de 1e (verdeeld over 2 clusters).

Succes! Groetjes Monique

Sue said...

They are gorgeous love all the colours!

Stel said...

You managed quite well! Both look great.

knitalatte said...

So pretty!
It is so interesting that a custom order has translated into a new pattern that is just as gorgeous as the original. How great is that?
I prefer the 2nd as it looks so smooth to my eyes.
Love your work...

Wendy said...

I think they're both gorgeous. On closer reflection, I prefer the increases in 1

Roberta Bortoluzzi said...

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Adoro teu blog, sempre tem coisas lindas,
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