Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Watermark on my pictures


This is of course a picture you’ve seen before, but something has changed!

Apparently there are people on the internet, who are not very kind, and who use pictures which are not their own, as if they were. For this blanket I wrote a tutorial, and now someone is selling this, using my pictures, as if it were hers, and without ever telling me about it. Luckily there was someone kind enough to point this out to me.

So, from now on, all my pictures will have a watermark! I know that this won’t prevent things like this to happen, but maybe it will make it a little bit harder.

EDIT: You are very welcome to pin pictures from my blog, or use them on your own blog, as long as it is clear that they are made by me.

Groetjes, Dorien


Anonymous said...

Yea people can be mean. Sorry they did that to you.:(

Monique said...

Oh dat is vals zeg! Wat zijn er toch oneerlijke mensen.

De KnutselFrutselOma said...

Ja, dat gebeurt jammergenoeg veel vaker.
Maar ook met watermerk kunnen ze je foto gebruiken.
Je zou eigenlijk je naam in het groot dwars over de foto moeten zetten.
Maar dat doet je foto weer niet goed.
Dus een moeilijke keuze....

Chris in de haak said...

Groot gelijk, hoop dat het helpt.

maree said...
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maree said...

You should make the Watermark all over. The way it is now someone could just snip it off.

Btw: This picture is on my blog as well as I love your blanket soooo much, but I made sure to link back to you :-)

Anonymous said...

YES, well done!! this bueatifuk blanket and the watermark!

Rosangela said...

Infelizmente nem todas as pessoas tem ética.
De um tempo para cá também comecei a colocar minha marca nas fotos.
É bom você colocar bem no meio.
Sua manta ficou maravilhosa, muito linda.
Um abraço.

Joy Morgan said...

On the plus side - as I'm fairly new to your blog I hadn't seen this blanket before. It is absolutely stunning and so unusual for crochet. You really do have a unique talent for design in crochet.
So sad that someone has tried to steal this from you.
And I agree with the previous comment that your watermark should be bigger. It acts as an advert for you as well. Be proud - say it loud.

Alto Girl said...

This is a beautiful blanket! Sorry someone stole your pattern and I hope you get it sorted.

Stel said...

Ag nee, Dorien. Why would people do that? We've been raving about our blanket at our Facebook Crochet group, it really is superbeautiful. We call it the Smartie Blanket :-) (similar to M&M's)


Murakamari said...

I would have never thought that there are people like that out there!!!

Corinne said...


I've just discovered your blog and your gorgeous works, thanks to the French site Grannymaniacs, who showed your "Happy blanket". I'm going to try and make one (or at least a "Happy cushion", to begin with...)

you're perfectly right to be angry at those dishonest people who steal other people's ideas.

Tracey Flynn said...

Love the blanket. Obviously she can't think for herself, lets hope no one buys her pattern !

Teje Karjalainen said...

That's awfull, Dorien! Unfortunately I guess that happens often and we don't know anything. I wonder if you were able to do anything about that - contact them - got any answer? x Teje
PS. I just finished the fox - uuh I feel it was more difficult than the woodpecker.

Handmade and off-centered said...

Hello and I am sorry that this happened to you. I saw your picture during a google search of crochet blogs and I am so glad to have found you. The blanket is AWESOME! I am making a pillow with a circle design similar to this but without the big circle, love that look.

Your new follower,

linda said...

So sorry that this has happened to you how dare they! I have just found your blog and love it and am now following, your blanket is beautiful I love it :)

liniecat said...

Ive seen this blanket elsewhere, prob Pinterest and adore it.
You deserve the credit its beautiful!

Ellen said...

Steeds als ik deze plaid zie, denk ik: die moet ik ook proberen! Balen dat iemand anders met jouw idee aan de haal is gegaan. Ik heb 'm ook al bij verschillende vriendinnen gepromoot, maar altijd met de link naar je blog erbij. Hopelijk laat je je niet ontmoedigen om je ideeën met ons te delen!