Thursday, April 18, 2013

I’m going on a trip and I’m bringing….

Hello lovely ladies. How are you doing?? You have all been so kind to me lately, with all your nice comments and questions.

So as I mentioned in my last post, I was thinking of making a new toiletry bag, because I’m going on a trip in 2 weeks. The idea was a bag with a large compartment for bottles, and a lot of smaller pockets. I thought it would be great if it could be hung as well. So, this is the idea I came up with:


After drawing this, I needed quite some time to figure out how to construct this. I didn’t want the seams to become very thick, and especially the way of attaching the compartment to the back gave me some trouble.


This is the front, with a fabric button, because I couldn’t find a matching one, I made it myself.

Then looking from different angles:




Maybe you notice that it became a little bit different than the original idea. I skipped the pockets on the top, because I thought it was becoming too large.

Now there are 2 zippered pockets, and on top 3 small pockets, which I gave a little bit extra space by folding the seams.



Groetjes, Dorien


MaxineD said...

Wow - so pretty and so functional!! Love it.

Eveline Trap said...

wow! What a great job and how handy this item is!
Great work!

Jenny said...

Oooo - this turned out so beautifully. It's official, I've GOT to learn to sew more than pillow covers.

Can't wait to hear about your trip!

Teje Karjalainen said...

Hi Dorien! That looks fantastic! And how beautiful fabrics! I wish you wonderful trip! x Teje

Miss Thirty said...

its really wonderful!! the fabrics are great so the idea and your ability to make it real

Janet Meijer said...

Wow that is impressive! Great sewing job! So how did you attach all the compartments?

Handmade and off-centered said...

What a great idea and very well done :)

Monique said...

Wat een leuke toilettas. Prachtige stofjes en leuk en handig met al die vakjes.

Groetjes, Monique

Murakamari said...

Have a great trip! I bet every time you need your toiletries you are going to smile happily!