Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cat litter


This is a bowl with cat litter. Indeed, standing on my cutting mat. Now you are probably wondering why?

Perhaps you recognize this situation: you get into your car with a wet coat. So your car gets very humid. Even with heating on, the humidity can’t get completely out, and the next time you’ll use your car there’s a lot of moisture on the inside of your windows, taking like forever to get away.

This is where the cat litter gets in. When you put a little fabric pillow, filled with cat litter in your car, this absorbs  the damp. All you have to do, is to put it on the radiator every once in a while, to dry.

So that is what I made today. For my husband.



I’m really sorry about the bad light, but these days we have lights on the whole day; it’s that dark outside.

Groetjes, Dorien


Teje Karjalainen said...

"Nelli, could I have some of your sand?" - wow, great idea Dorien! Happy week to you and hugs to Fleur! x Teje

Monique said...

Wat een goed idee en het ziet er nog leuk uit ook. Twee vliegen in een klap.

pattas said...

What a wonderful idea, thankyou so much for sharing this ... I never thought of using cat litter.. Brilliant :))

Poppy Cottage said...

That is a fantastic idea.

Murakamari said...

This is genius!

Naturally Carol said...

So practical, Dorien, though I never would have thought of doing this! When we have another hot humid summer these will be ideal for the car as the moisture stays trapped when the car is locked up in the sun.

Deborah Hamilton said...

Thanks so much for that idea. I have never heard of it, but I will be making some for my car.

Lynn Reedy said...

What a fabulous idea !! Thanks for sharing this !! I am going to make some of these ! This will help with those musty wet smells the car gets too !!