Friday, July 13, 2012

Scarves and a Shawl

Summer in Holland! And that is about all I want to say about the weather this time.

It has been a strange week around here. Missing one ‘son’, and having the other two in the house all week because of the holidays, is certainly a change. Nobody has to get up early, no appointments or anything; just leisure time.

About 10 days ago something very strange happened. You might know I have a little shop at Etsy, and usually there are about 60-70 visitors each day. And that is just fine. Only, 10 days ago, the amount of visitors suddenly raised to over 2000! I really don’t have a clue where these people all of a sudden came from, but it was a very nice surprise. Accordingly the amount of patterns sold raised, and it gave me a few new extra orders for Flower Scarves and for a pair of skirt guards.


So by now there a lot of flowers on my table, and the first scarf is finished.

Something else I want to show you and tell you about is this. As I mentioned before, I really love swaps. This year I’m doing a 4-seasons swap with a great lady from Estonia. It appears that Estonia has a rich history on crafts. Of course Estonian Lace Knitting is well known, but also beautiful, colourful embroidery with lots of flowers, and crochet.

So in my last swap package she included a little book with crochet patterns for shawls.


The used technique is filet crochet, and even though this book is written in Estonian, that’s okay.


The charts are easy to follow, and  a long time ago I made little curtains for our first home in this way. So, here it is, my Estonian Shawl.


The yarn is 100% cotton in a sweet pink/lavender colour.


This is probably the way I will wear this shawl; on a jeans jacket. I just love combinations like this: the jacket a bit tough, and the sweet, almost romantic look of the shawl. Just perfect!

Have a nice weekend!

Groetjes, Dorien


Monique said...

Hoi Dorien, dat is inderdaad heel apart dat je opeens 2000 bezoekers hebt gehad. Jammer dat het niet te achterhalen is hoe dat komt he!

Wel fijn dat je webshop zo goed loopt. Je kan behoorlijk aan de bak met die opdrachten.

Leuk om een boekje uit een ander land te krijgen. De sjaal is heel leuk. Ik wil ooit ook nog eens zulk soort gordijnen haken.

Groetjes, Monique

Corina said...

Geweldige sjaal! En lekker dat je webshop ineens lekker loopt. Tja, je weet maar nooit...

Simone de Klerk said...

Mooi, je nieuwste creatie!
En de bloemetjes sjaals blijven zo mooi. Die van mij hangt nu over een deurklink. Ziet er zo gezellig uit (o:

Tecrin said...

Gokje? Pinterest. Ik had een week of iets geleden ook ineens een enorme boost in bezoekers op mijn blog, bleek dat er een oude post door iemand gepinned was!

Teje said...

Hi Dorien! That was a wonderful surprise! I'm so happy to hear that your shop goes well and people have found your beautiful and unique crafts!
Your new book looks great! First I thought it's Finnish because the name of the writer could be Finnish. Enjoy your holidays! x Teje

Murakamari said...

It's great combination! And congratulations on your success!

Laura said...

Facebook is a magic tool for getting your work known.

oopps... ;) I posted a link to you there.... twice! xxxxx