Wednesday, May 9, 2012

About what I did with all the fabrics on my table

Hello. I’m sorry that it took so long before I wrote this post. It’s not that I didn’t have anything to write about, I just couldn’t find the time to do it.

A few months ago, a new chair found its way into the living room. Not exactly a new chair, because it belonged to one of the boys. A lovely chair, and it’s great to sit in.


But as you can see; it’s GREY!!!

Not really my style. So I’ve been thinking what to do about that. Just a colourful pillow in it, wasn’t enough. A new cover in a bright colour was a good idea. But, ever since I read about Squint London, I was in love with their style. So this is what I wanted for this chair. The fabrics I showed in my previous post were for this chair.

Not that I had ever done any upholstery ever before; so it was quite a challenge.

003  004


And for whom thinks it is a bit too much, I made the seat 2-sided:


This was really a fun project and I’m very happy with the result. Now, instead of a dull, grey little chair, we have a real eye catcher in the room.

Groetjes, Dorien


Hazel said...

It's fantastic! Love it. x

Simone de Klerk said...

Wat leuk!!! En wat knap.

Sue said...

Wow that's an amazing transformation so beautiful!

Murakamari said...

This one turned out really great!

Monique said...

Oh Dorien, ik vind je stoel echt fantastisch geworden. Wat een verbetering. Echt een pronkstuk! Weer heel mooi gemaakt.

Groetjes, Monique

Colette. said...

Great ! You can do everything, waouh !

Teje said...

You are amazing and no way too much! I love your new chair! I would be affraide to start a project like that but not you! Great job, Dorien! Happy weekend to you! x Teje

mamachica said...


that´s great!

lot of greetings

Madeleine said...

This chair is gorgeous! Fabulous work! :D

Anonymous said...

Wat een goeie make over!!!

Rein said...

Dat ziet er leuk en gezellig uit!

Jantine said...

Wat een lef! Maar wel geweldig! Zijn de andere gezinsleden er ook blij mee?

Anonymous said...

Wat heb je dat stoeltje mooi opgelapt (letterlijk!). Knap hoor.

Naturally Carol said...

It really is an eye catcher..a magnificent one. I'm so glad you showed it in your New Year mosaic!