Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Again, colored circles

Hello, and thank you for all the good wishes for my back. Slowly things get better, and I’ve picked up my crochet hook again.


With lots of time on my hands I’m just trying to figure out some new ideas.


And of course I’m using a lot of different colors again.

Recently I’ve received a few blogging awards. Thank you very much ladies, for thinking of me. But at the moment it is too hard for me to sit at the computer for longer than a few minutes, so I will have to wait a bit before I can pay these compliments forward.

Groetjes, Dorien


Simone de Klerk said...

Leuke kleuren, leuk model!

Teje said...

Hi Dorien! Your new crochet looks beautiful! I'm happy to hear that you feel a little bit better - I hope soon you are well!
Wishes from Finland! x Teje

Monique said...

Goed om te horen dat je de haaknaald weer hebt opgepakt.

Je vierkantjes zien er fantastisch en veelbelovend uit. Heerlijk al die vrolijke kleurtjes.

Groetjes, Monique

Madeleine said...

Yay! So colorful and absolutely fabulous! :D

Anonymous said...

Mooi haakwerk, lekker kleurig!