Monday, March 26, 2012

What to do with I-Cords


This last week has been all about I-cords. In total I’ve knitted more than 660 inches (1650 cm) of I-cords.


They are perfect for weaving!





Yarn: Drops Delight, colourway 06

Groetjes, Dorien


Ely said...

That is all sorts of impressive. It not only looks gorgeous, but it also shows a stamina and patience that I can't dream of ever developing.

knitalatte said...

Wow, weaving your I cords really takes on a whole different look. Really beautiful. I love the effect with the cowl you made.

Ann said...

Hoi Dorien,
Echt een heel mooie kraag/col! Dit lijkt me iets dat zelfs ik zou kunnen - het "touwen" gedeelte althans (ik kan niet breien)! :-)
Dacht eerst dat het gepunnikte koorden waren :-)
Ook mooi om een echte sjaal van te maken!

Monique said...

Wat een geweldige col heb je gemaakt. Heel leuk met die i-cords. Lijkt me een hels karwei.

Groetjes, Monique

Wendy said...

Wow, what a wonderful cowl! I love your idea for weaving

Teje said...

Wow - couldn't have guessed! That is a lot of i-cord! You have so unique and beautiful ideas! I'm wondering how you knitted those cords? Perhaps I could use my knitting doll.
x Teje
Ps. and I love those colours!

Ladka said...

Now that I've seen more pics of your i-cord cowl I'm even more tempted to make one for myself. May ask how many metres of i-cord you have used?

sue said...

How beautiful and what a wondrous colour!

Colette. said...

Great from great ! I love this, as I love a lot of your works. Congratulations !!

Madeleine said...

Wow! Great work! :D

Suzy's Corner said...

It is gorgeous. Did you create a pattern? I would love to try it.

Honey said...

I love your creativity...can you explain how you put together? How many cords? I assume not one long one? I would be happy to purchase the pattern if you have written one/

Julia Wellham said...

do you have a pattern or written design for this? it's so lovely.

Gillian Reid said...

Wow - how did you do this? I love it.