Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Making curves

It has been quiet on the blogging this last period. It is not that I don’t have anything to show or tell, but I just hadn’t the time to sit down and write. And then when I did find some time, it didn’t work because I have a new computer and not everything had been installed. So I hope this time it will work and I can actually post this post.

I have been knitting a LOT!! To test the pattern I’ve written for the Giverny-bag I’ve knitted another one, and it is now upstairs to get blocked. This weekend I can sew it together  and next week I’ll show it.

What I can show is how my knitting needles look. My favorite kind of needles are wooden or bamboo needles, but not for sizes below 3 mm.


These are the needlepoints of some circular needles I used. They actually were once straight! Within a few rounds, I always manage to bend them like this and that is why I can’t use bamboo or wooden needles. Once I even broke a pair after knitting only 5 stitches!

Something else I want to show you are some pictures of skirt guards made by other ladies. When someone buys the pattern,  I always ask if I can see a picture of the finished skirt guards, and some kind ladies actually send them.


I really love the diversity of the colors used. Thank you Lydia, Kate, Heidi and Ana for sharing!

Groetjes, Dorien


mjnauert said...

I still love seeing those bike skirts! Did the other gals do their own pattern, or did you supply them with one of yours? Had to giggle about the bent needles. In quilting and piecing, I am constantly bending mine. It is to the point where I wouldn't know what to do with a straight one. :)

Teje said...

Hi Dorien! So nice to hear from you! How you manage to get your needles like that?
Those crochet bike skirts are just so beautiful and unique! Those different beautiful colour choises make so great mosaic! My favourite is on the right top!
x Teje

Murakamari said...

What a rainbow of colors!

Ann said...

Hoi Dorien,
Wat zijn dit mooie fietshoezen! Ik zou dit niet durven uit schrik ze vuil te maken (maar zou wel een tas hiervan maken ;-)

ana basoc said...

hey Dorien!!
Thnx you for you idea and pattern!!