Thursday, October 13, 2011

Trying to find someone who will listen


This last week has been a strange week. It was as if life took over, without me having anything to say about it, or having any kind of control over my time. I don’t know how it works in other countries, but when I have to call any official, it seems to take hours and hours, before I even can talk to the right person. To get an answer to my question, is then of course not guaranteed, not by a long shot!

And I didn't need to ask just one question. Having a guest son for a year, from another country, means registration in our own city, making an appointment at the immigration service and trying to get all the paperwork done.

Luckily our guest son is great. He seems to mingle in our family wonderfully and is even already trying to talk Dutch on occasion. He goes to school on his bike, 6 kilometers. And he already noticed that the wind in our little country is always blowing in the opposite direction. The wonderful thing about having a guest like this, is that you automatically are noticing the strange and odd  habits you have, both as a family and in your country. A real eye-opener.

There has been little time to craft this week. I just managed to finish the back-panel of my cardigan.


In the part between the side seams, I added a few extra rows in garter stitch. I didn’t do this along the armholes,  because now the piece has a natural rounding; beautifully following the back.

The pattern is so far quite easy to memorize, so it is perfect to work on in the evening, when I’m a bit tired, and there is always a lot of noise going on.

Yesterday I got a new order for a pair of skirt guards. The question was to make them in the colours of the flag of Ghana, to honour the grandfather of the person who ordered them. Instead of flowers in the middle, these skirt guards will have just one black star. I can’t use my original design completely, but as a reference it certainly will work.


Groetjes, Dorien


Teje said...

Hi Dorien! Your cardigan is going to be fantastic! As I love cable knitting and blue, that is so beautiful!
I'm happy to hear that everything goes well at home with your new 'son'. All the office and paperthings are a nightmare here! Here you can't even call, you have to go every where and still it's just terrible and very difficult to fix anything. I miss Finland where those things are more easy and organized much better.
xxx Teje

Monique said...

Wow Dorien je vest ziet er al prachtig uit. Mooi met die brede kabels.

Hawthorn said...

Sounds like officialdom here too, love the new skirt guard's colours

rozemie said...

Ach Dorien, en ik maar denken dat het een typisch Belgisch fenomeen was ! Het zal wel in elk land lastig zijn om officiële instanties tot bewegen aan te zetten... Heb je ook zo'n hekel aan die telefoontjes van druk op 1 voor dit, druk op 2 voor dat...?
Ik vind trouwens het geweldig dat je een gast zoon hebt. Hij gaat na een jaar vast naar huis met een gebreide trui die je voor hem maakt !
De grijze kabels van je cardigan zijn heel mooi. Leuk als je dat zo op een paspop kan vastpinnen. Groetjes uit Vlaanderen, Rozemie

knitalatte said...

Hi Dorien,
Your sweater is coming out beautifully.
Love it!

Naturally Carol said...

It takes a while here to do anything official too..especially by telephone. There is a lot of very interesting work going on at your place!

Simone de Klerk said...

Met het breien ben je toch aardig vooruit gekomen! Mooi hoor!
Ik kijk naar Groeten uit Nederland met Yvonne Jaspers. Daarin valt me ook veel op over de Nederlanders. Heel bijzonder!