Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Jeans and Roses

When a boy reaches a certain age, he doesn’t want to wear the pants his mother made anymore. Now he is fashionable. This means preferably designer jeans and and empty purse for his mom. But have you ever seen the kind of jeans these boys want to wear these days? Not one seam is straight, the waistband is somewhere halfway their behind and they look as if they have been lying in the garbage for a long, long time. The name for this kind of jeans says it all: twisted!

But son is in his own way conscious, and when he has outgrown a pair of jeans, or when his jeans is torn and can’t be repaired, he likes them to be used in a different way: a sleeve for his tablet.


A sleeve is just a rectangle, so even when it has to be lined, it isn’t that difficult. BUT NOT WHEN YOU HAVE TO MADE IT WITH THIS KIND OF JEANS!!!!!!.

No matter how you try to fold it, cut it, it won’t stay flat and it is not to be made into a rectangular shape. Because son wanted to keep the ‘identity’ of the jeans intact, it wasn’t an option to use the seam ripper.

In the end, I’ve managed to make something ‘almost’ rectangular and the tablet fits in.



The other project I finished was the embroidery I showed in my last post. As I already mentioned, I used the tutorial of Hugs from Helen. To go with the embroidery, I used colours which I usually don’t; romantic roses in creme, pink and green. But they matched perfectly.


The pocket on the other side, I made using the stitchery in the tutorial.


The only thing I didn’t think of, is that the armrest of my sofa, is quite wide.


So maybe I should make another one, but a lot bigger?

Groetjes, Dorien


Monique said...

Wat een stoere tablet hoes heb je gemaakt.

En je armleuning.... (gen idee hoe het heet)vind ik echt heel mooi geworden met die geborduurde accenten. De kleuren passen ook perfect bij de bank. Heel mooi gedaan.

Simone de Klerk said...

Denk je snel iets te kunnen maken, is het toch moeilijk...
Mooi, je 'sewing kit'! Ben benieuwd of je het nog eens gaat maken.

Teje said...

Hi Dorien! Your new book looks so nice! I love to see those embroidery beauties, but haven't done any since my school days. And your embroidery turned out amazing and I'm interested about your 'pillow'! I'll go to see the link. Also the jean pocket is great and I'm sure your son is proud of it!
xxx Teje

Corina said...

Knap dat je het voor elkaar gekregen hebt, met die stugge spijkerstof. Je hulpje voor op de bank vind ik fantastisch geworden! Ooit wil ik ook zoiets maken...