Friday, September 2, 2011

About a brilliant boy!

There is a lot of crafting and creating going on this week in my house, but not by me! I’m reading. Not for fun but because I want to understand what is going on. So in the library I found this  book:


It appears that our oldest son not only has ADHD, but also this syndrome. This beautiful, radiant boy has gotten another tag. And what that means, became clear almost immediately, because again a school refused to take him. In three days the holidays are over, and he has no school to go to. Teachers think of him as a risk, and they don’t want to burn their fingers. Can you believe it?!

In the meantime, this brilliant boy has gone to the library himself to get his own pile of books.


Indeed; he’s the one who is creating. He finally found time to think about his mom’s birthday (a month ago), and he thought it would be a good idea to build me a new website. So all day long I get questions like what background-colour I would like, what links there should be, what kind of header I want, etc. He’s super enthusiastic and I really think this blog is going to look quite different in the near future! I’m just so very proud of him.

Groetjes, Dorien


Hazel said...

Oh wow that's brilliant. Terrible that the schools don't want to take him. Brilliant he is putting his mind to good use. x

Teje said...

Hi Dorien, I sad to hear about your difficulties but also proud of your son having energy and enthusiasm to read and learn by himself! And what about your new blog site - wow I'm waiting to see that! I wish I could have also someone so interested helping me and my blog!
I wish you better and easier days!
xxx Teje
PS. I want to thank you also here for that amazing flower scarf I won and have received now!

Simone de Klerk said...

Ongelofelijk :( Ik vraag me af waar al dat etiketteren naar toe moet gaan. Helaas heeft een zus van mij iets dergelijks meegemaakt met haar ouste. In Engeland is alles op z'n pootjes terecht gekomen (vader is Engels). Het Nederlandse systeem is er niet op ingesteld. Heel triest.
Maar je hebt een geweldige zoon en hij een geweldige moeder!!!

Monique said...

Oh Dorien, wat triest dat je zoon al op verschillende scholen is geweigerd. Te gek voor woorden dat dat mogelijk is in Nederland. Ik hoop echt dat je z.s.m. een andere school voor hem vindt want deze onzekerheid is ook niks, niet voor jullie maar zeker ook niet voor je zoon.

Succes, Monique

Naturally Carol said...

One thing I have learned about those tags is not to let them stick! Aspergers and ADHD have nothing to do with his fact people with these conditions are often highly intelligent and develop amazing skills and are very successful in their lives. He will find his way and I'm sure with your help will continue to learn and be educated!

Wendy said...

Hi Dorien,

The school is stupid, they don't know what they're missing. I wanted to tell you about one of the directors at the company I work for. It's a large company and he's the technical director. He has Aspergers. OK, so he's a little different to other people sometimes, he doesn't always know what's socially acceptable, but he's such a lovely man than everyone overlooks it. He's also brilliant. He may well be a genius. What he doesn't know about maths, science and engineering isn't worth knowing. YOur son will probably have an amazing future and if he's a little different? So what, we're all a little different, most of us pride ourselves on not being the same as everyone else.


Jantine said...

Wat sneu dat hij op geen school terecht kan, hoe oud is hij? In ieder geval gaat hij niet bij de pakken neer zitten maar bedenkt zijn eigen bezigheden en volgens mij ga jij daar van profiteren ;-)
Sterkte, want dit is niet niks...

Anonymous said...

Why not Homeschool your son. It looks like he has a strong desire to learn, so it will be a lot easyer to teach him, then it is to try to get my son to learn.
Good luck and keep smiling Audra