Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Celebration and a give-away


Today there is a lot to celebrate! First of all it is my birthday. And have I been spoiled!! Last week I already got a huge box from Diane who is my swap partner in a birthday swap at Ravelry. I managed to keep it all wrapped until this morning, and it was amazing. Have a look for yourself.


Another swap partner is Elsje, and she surprised me also with a beautiful package, even though our swap is not birthday related.


Something else to celebrate is that I have 100 followers! And that I’ve been  blogging for a little over a year now. And that I have written more than 100 posts. And that I have more than 100 sold items at Etsy.

All of this makes me so grateful and happy, and I want to share that with you. So I decided to do a give-away. This time I will be giving away one of my roses-scarves.


If you want to join, there are a few things I would like you to do.

First I think it would be nice if you are a follower of my blog.

Second, you need to leave a comment on  this post. In it, I would love you to tell me what your favourite item is, from the things I made this last year. To help you, I made a mosaic with pictures of them.


You can join the give-away until August 20th, after that I will draw a name.

Groetjes, Dorien


Hawthorn said...

Happy Birthday! and well done with your 100:100:100!!

I love, love, love your bicycle coat guards - that is how I found your site, looking for a pattern - I am yet to make them but they are high on my to do list!
Have a lovely day and enjoy your lovely swap parcels :)

Marjo said...

Happy Birthday !
I am already a follower for a long time ...and I love your scarf....


Saritha said...

Happy Birthday!!!!I am already a follower!!!My favoyrite is the house shaped camera cozy!!I love it!!

Crochet dude said...

happy birthday another craft leo like me. congrats on 100 followers.

Corina said...

Van harte gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag! Ik volg je al, enne... mijn favoriet zul je wel kunnen raden, een bloemenketting (de tweede van rechts als ik persé moet kiezen), hoewel ik wel heel veel moois zie op de collage...

Teje said...

Dear Dorien, Congratulations!!! We are celebrating today also my hb and will have a toast to you! I can't believe that you make your most beautiful scarf a present - thank you for a chance to win! I'm your follower and I don't think I could choose my favourite from your mosaic - there are just too many! If I could have one, it would be this special scarf! I'm also a big fan of your bags!
Have the best Celebration!
xxx Teje

Poppy Cottage said...

Well, Happy Birthday to you!!

I would have to say it is actually your flower scarf that is my favourite of all your makes this year.

Hope you have had a really happy and enjoyable day xx

Fiff said...

I've been a follower for some time, and I enjoy it :-)
My favourite thing(s) is the cover for the bicyclewheel! They are all lovely ♥
And that flower scarf is so lovely, so off course I hope I will win!

Naturally Carol said...

Hi Dorien..happy birthday! The first post I looked at of yours had the bicycle guards and I loved them on site and wished I owned a bicycle! I still love them the best, but the flower scarf is a very close second.

Colette. said...

Happy Birthday Dorien ! How to difficult to choose ... need it, so I really love scarf( s ) ... of course :-)
Follower since July 1th. Yes! Not from a longtime.
Enjoy your Birthday and continue to let me dream with your works !

Monique said...

Dorien, wat een geweldige give away. Ik heb niet echt geluk in het spel heb ik al ondervonden maar toch wil ik graag een gokje wagen.
Een beetje laat maar alsnog gefeliciteerd. Ook met je 100 volgers en al 100 producten verkocht! Ongelofelijk. Je bent er maar druk mee.
Ik vind het heel moeilijk om 1 ding op te noemen wat ik leuk vind wat jij hebt gemaakt. Dus ik noem er meerdere. Natuurlijk je jasbeschermers voor de fiets, je geweldige tassen en je vesten vind ik ook zeer geslaagd om dan nog maar te zwijgen over je sjaals. Nu zal ik maar stoppen ;-)

Groetjes, Monique

mjnauert said...

I didn't realize until today that I wasn't officially following you. Funny thing is that I have been reading your blog on a regular basis and enjoying your flikr pictures this whole time! so I guess I am 101 now? :). By the way, everything you make is fabulous, but your yellow spring messenger bag is my favorite of your projects.

Monica said...

Happy birthday!

I'm a new follower. I hope that's okay. From your mosaic picture I can see that you are very talented! My favorites would have to be the flower scarves. They're just fabulous!

Thank you for the chance to win one of them.

knitalatte said...

Happy Birthday to you. I love coming over for a visit to see what you've been making. It will be so hard to make a choice as I'm loving every item. But, I love my mug rugs, use them with tea alot. I also think your bicycle wheel covers are beautiful, oh and I also love your flower scarves, so very pretty. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a lovely comment on my blog.

Allison said...

Happy (belated) Birthday to you! And congrats on all of your hundred milestones. Those are all such accomplishments!!

It's so hard to choose a favorite of the items you've made. I love your roses scarves, your skirt guards, and the blue hexagon bag. Thanks so much for a chance to win a scarf you've made! *fingers crossed*

Simone de Klerk said...

Als eerste: alsnog van harte gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag! En wat leuk, dat je nu 100 followers hebt.
Leuke spulletjes die met de post jouw kant opgekomen zijn.
En wat een prachtige giveaway. Daar zitten toch weer heel wat uurtjes in.
Je maakt het ons wel moeilijk om te kiezen, wat we het mooiste vinden, dat je het afgelopen jaar hebt gemaakt. Ik ga toch voor de sjaal met lentebloemen, die bij mij thuis hangt. Had je de sjaal erbij die je vandaag laat zien, was die het geworden!
Mmm, een roze sjaal zou wel heel mooi bij mijn lente sjaal staan ;o)

Anonymous said...

Hello you, and a very (belated!) birthday! Great milestones, and good idea to throw that giveaway, although that is not why I am commenting today: instead it is to thank you for posting a comment on my very neglected blog the other day. I was very surprised, but very touched :-) Thank you Do! As for trying to choose something from the amazing creative mind that is yours, a very difficult thing, that. I will hesitate between the bicycle coast guard which I will one day attempt (perhaps when I can get my bike waiting for me in France over here...) and the oh-so gorgeous flower scarves. Well done Do on a beautiful blog. Take care. XOX

Penny said...

Greetings! =D I love the Bicycle Guards. Beautiful! And Happy Belated Birthday =) x

Laura said...

Hallo Dorien, Ten eerste gefeliciteerd met je 100ste volger.Ik hoop dat ik nog op de valreep mee mag doen voor je give-away. Normaal doe ik hier nooit aan mee, maar de sjaals die je maakt zijn om te kwijlen, dus ik doe een poging. Ik ben ooit via via op je blog terecht gekomen en ik geniet altijd van de mooie dingen die je maakt en ik doe altijd hele leuke ideeën op. Mijn voorkeur gaat natuurlijk naar de bloemensjaal in je collage, daar ben ik echt helemaal weg van.
In ieder geval veel succes verder met je blog en dat er nog vele volgers mogen komen en dat er nog veel moois komt om van te genieten.
Fijn weekend verder. Groetjes Laura