Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Multitasking. I’ve been doing it for years without thinking, like every mom does. Usually all goes well, sometimes it doesn’t.

This week I was doing so many things at the same time, that it looked like pure chaos. As well as far as it concerns my family, it made us laugh a lot.

Looking at everything on my table, I have to laugh too. Mainly because I like everything I’m working on.

Want to see?

First there is the fabric-kimono-basket I started last week.


I love the way the blue makes the kimonos stand out. But while working on this little bag, I was elsewhere with my mind, and I made some miscalculations. Now this little bag is only 6 inches high. I love the colours, but that is really too small, so I have to go and think of something to make it about 3 inches higher.

Also on my table, a  birthday present. Can’t show too much, because the girl probably takes a peek now and then.


And last but not least, another pair of skirt guards. This time I’m making them with a different yarn, and that meant different counting because it is just a little thicker.

But I looooooooove it!


Remember the scarves I made with roses, and with flowers. It inspired Corina to make her own version, using a totally different technique. Go and have a look; it’s wonderful.

Groetjes, Dorien


Teje said...

Hi Dorien! You have always so great suprises! I love those kimono blocks and the basket is beautiful!
I wish I could have a bysicle...
xxx Teje

Madeleine said...

So many beautiful things! I love the shirt guard! :D

Naturally Carol said...

Hi Dorien..Teje is right. If I had a bicycle these bicycle guards would be the first thing I would buy for it. Though, I think this one is my favourite with all it's different colours and the flowers!

Jantine said...

Wat een schitterende kleur jasbeschermer!
Oeps, tas te klein, ik hoop dat je het gemakkelijk kunt oplossen!

mjnauert said...

Your kimono bag turned out spectacular. If you did want it taller, you could add a denim extension, or Chambray. It would be strong enough to hold up and keep its shape, but not too heavy to crush the beautiful kimonos.