Thursday, June 9, 2011

Blues and Books

Hello and thank you for your lovely comments on my potholders. It is so nice to see that it inspired someone else to make the same pattern: go and have a look at Monique’s blog.

In the last few days I’ve started to think about a few swaps I signed up for, and the birthday of my sister. For all these three ladies, I need/want to make something myself. For the swaps I have to, for my sister I want to, because it is so much more fun to give a handmade item, and I know she really appreciates it.


All three ladies have one thing in common: they all love the colour blue. Makes it possible for me to show a few pictures of what I’m doing.


I started with 5 shades of blue/purple and made a lot of flower like these. Then I made them into hexagons.


You may recognize the pattern as ’African Flowers’. The pattern can be found in a lot of places on the net. Some written, some with pictures. It’s not difficult, but I like it very much.


Now I’m going to join these hexagons into …….  I’m not going to tell, and I’m afraid it will take at least 6-8 weeks, before I can show. But I promise, by then I will.

Besides the yarn and hook, there is something else calling me. All day. All evening. Even in the night I dream about it. It’s a bit obsessive. It’s this:


I already was a huge fan of this author, but this story is indescribable. I love every single page. And lucky me, it doesn’t stop after two books, there is a third one too!! (I just had a look, but it seems the English translation won’t be out before October).

Next weekend, both the boys are out on camps, so I guess I will have enough time to read the whole story. YAY!!

Groetjes, Dorien


Wendy said...

The flowers are beautiful, love the colours! Do you have a link for this pattern? I'd bookmarked one on a blog - By Elizabeth Cat I think, but I can't follow it!

Hazel said...

Beautiful african flowers. They are going to look wonderful. The colours are amazing. x

Monique said...

Dorien je houdt ons weer in spanning. Ik ben benieuwd. De kleuren zijn alvast heel mooi.

Groetjes, Monique

Teje said...

Hi Dorien! Blue is always so beautiful and in your flowers it is fabulous! I'm happy you have books you enjoy so much!
xxx Teje

Happy in red said...

These are fantastic!! Love the colour-combo!

Naturally Carol said...

The blues look very dramatic with the promises to be interesting! I have had a bit of reading time myself was a public holiday so very quiet in the street.