Thursday, May 5, 2011

Travelling Roses



Today is Liberation Day in Holland. In most cities it is celebrated with some kind of festival. In Alkmaar there is in one of the parks a music festival. A lot of bands perform and the people are sitting and standing on the field in front of the kiosk. Usually they bring their own blankets to sit on, and have some kind of picnic. For the children there is a program with different kind of activities, from face painting, football, to inflatable slides. And again, the weather is very cooperative today, so it will be a lot of fun!


For the first time I’ve tried to do some lace knitting with fingering yarn. I choose the Travelling Roses Scarf, available at Ravelry. Not really a difficult pattern. But you have to stay concentrated. And because I use knitting often to relax, that made it a challenge.


I made 13 repeats, which gave the scarf after blocking a length of 60 inches. It’s a present for a lady who is quite small, so I didn’t really know how long to make it. Especially since it would become bigger after blocking. I hope this is okay.


I love this pattern, and I can recommend it to everyone, even if you are, like me, new to lace knitting. (en voor de Nederlandse dames: er is een Nederlandstalige versie van het patroon).


Groetjes, Dorien


Karen said...

Beautiful Dorien,
The color is lovely and the delicate texture make for a gorgeous scarf. I think it will be appreciated very much.

Teje said...

Really beautiful!
Have a great party and picnic!
xxx Teje

Wendy said...

It's really beautiful, such a lovely colour and a pretty pattern

Anonymous said...

Happy Liberation Day!!! Hope you have had a wonderful day! Scarf is lovely - a great lace pattern!

Maria said...

Beautiful!!! A lovely gift

Madeleine said...

Looks fantastic, and the colour is fabulous :D