Friday, May 6, 2011

Sampler progress

Hello (again)! I’ve been working a lot on my little embroidery panel and I just wanted to show the progress so far.

Remember the picture of the Alphabet in this post, I decided to use a bit of the border.


I didn’t really want to use geometrical designs on this little sampler, so I came up with a few flowers (yes, I know; there are a lot of flowers involved lately!).


There’s a little space left to fill, and I’m browsing through all the designs in my beautiful books. It’s hard to choose.


Maybe a windmill; after all, I’m Dutch, aren’t I?


Groetjes, Dorien


Teje said...

Hello Dorien! I vote windmill - they are just so beautiful! Your work is wonderful!
Have a great weekend!
xxx Teje

Naturally Carol said...

Hi Dorien, your sampler has grown and grown..I think I'll like whatever you choose to put on there!

Corina said...

Dit ziet er al vast leuk uit!

Jantine said...

I think I know that book... that is in my bookcase too!
It looks great already and indeed you need a windmill... and a boat!

Allison said...

your sampler looks so good! i love the old-fashioned look of cross stitch.