Monday, April 18, 2011


Hellooo!! How nice of you to stop by. It is a very sunny, warm day and I’ve had a wonderful weekend. In this part of Holland the bulb fields are really starting to get their beautiful colours. Yesterday I went to a flower garden, where you could pick your own tulips.








You just walk along the field, and choose your own flowers. Then you pull them out with bulb and all, and put them in your bucket.

Now they are at home in a beautiful vase.


In the fall I can put the bulbs in the ground, so next spring,  we will have beautiful tulips in our garden.


From “100 Flowers to Knit & Crochet”, by Lesley Stanfield


Groetjes, Dorien


Makkie said...

Heerlijk zo'n leuke pluktuin!
Fijne dag

Naturally Carol said...

I think I would need a bucket of each hard to choose which ones I like the best. They are all glorious. I have never heard of a tulip farm like that..we have pick your own strawberries and apples here! We bought some Edam cheese from Holland here made me think of you and the cheese markets in Alkmaar..I wonder if it was from there?

Karen said...

Tulips! What a beautiful display of these magnificent flowers. I love how you have displayed them in the blue crock.

Gillian said...

Oh what glorious tulips Dorien!
and I just love your beautiful knitted flowers :)

Teje said...

Thank you Dorien, your post made me so happy! I just love tulips and enjoyed so much when many years ago I was working in a little shop and we sold pulps for tulips etc. Your place to bye them looks amazing!!! I think all your country is fantastic especially this time! And who wouldn't love those crochet tulips! Beautiful!
I wish you happy and sunny Easter week! xxx Teje

Astri said...

I have been following your blog and I just love it! I have listed it as one of my five most inspirational blogs. Please see