Thursday, April 14, 2011

My mom, and a blue and red bag

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been making things. I remember being ill, lying on the couch, with a hook and some yarn, making clothes for my barbie doll. My mom wasn’t really handy with fabric or yarn, so I had to learn it all just by doing it. But she was very encouraging. So whenever I got stuck, she went to the library to get me a book with tutorials, or she asked a neighbour for help. She really was always trying to help me and she always helped to find the right materials. When I first started sewing clothes, she was the first to ask for a skirt or a blouse. And even the garments which didn’t turn out so great, she wore with pride, not only at home, but even to a wedding!  Looking back on that, I realize that as a parent, you don’t need to have a certain skill yourself, to be able to encourage your children to do whatever they choose to. And that is a lot of help, having two boys, while I grew up in a girl’s family.

Wow! Today I wanted to tell you about my latest finish, and somehow I started telling you about what a great mom I have. Funny, how something like that happens.

So, about my latest finish. Again it is a bag. As I already told a friend, it seems like I’m in some kind of bag-making-mood. I really loved making my yellow bag, so I decided to make another one, with the same shape/pattern. This time I used different kinds of fabric; wool, cotton and velvet. The fabric I started with is a woven, woolen, striped fabric. To go with it I found a blue velvet and a red woolen fabric.

I started with embroidery for the front panel.


Then I assembled the outer bag. As you can see, the colours of the striped fabric are also used for the embroidery.


For the bag itself I used black ribbon for the binding, but that didn’t work for the panel. I was over in the haberdashery shop for more then one hour, before I found the perfect solution. A bright, yellow-green ribbon. I love it!


Red roses for the back, with a few little butterflies and a cute parakeet.


And of course a few pockets inside. The strap is made of black velvet and adjustable. Again, I learned a few new techniques, like sewing the green ribbon between the front and lining of the front panel.


Groetjes, Dorien


Anonymous said...

You really do make the MOST beautiful bags - this one is particularly gorgeous!

Teje said...

Hi Dorien! You are so talented and make just adorable bags!!! You are not affraid to mix many materials and colours and the result is fantastic! xxx Teje

Naturally Carol said...

Hi have such an eye for the colour combination you have put together here! I really enjoyed learning about your craft journey and your family too. Thank you for sharing!

Dorien said...

Hallo Dorien. Leuk dat je op mijn blog hebt gereageerd. Ik heb die van jou ook bekeken, jij maakt ook hele leuke dingen. Vooral die kleptassen spreken me aan. Ik heb ook zoiets gemaakt maar dan groter. Heb je dat gezien? Succes met de volgende tas. Of wordt het iets anders? Groetjes Dorien

Wendy said...

What a wonderful bag and what a wonderful mum! Is the bag a present for your mum?

I wish I had the guts to try using different materials the way you do as it looks just lovely.

Monique said...

Dorien wat is dit weer een fantastische tas geworden.

Ik ga niet weer zeggen dat ik jaloers ben op je naaikunsten hoor ;-)

Groetjes, Monique

Jantine said...


Dora said...

Beautiful! I love the folk flower design on the front!