Friday, March 18, 2011

Blissful Pillows

Hello! Thank you for stopping by. It has been a crazy week in our house. One son has been feeling sick, and the other one needed surgery on his foot. They both are very active normally, maybe even hyperactive, so that was a challenge for them to sit and keep quite for a change. Between all the running around to give them tea and biscuits, I managed to finish the pillows I started last week.


I quilted the panels with curls and swirls.


This was the first time I did this and although I’m happy with the result, I know there’s a lot to improve. It was very difficult to make the stitches even. I think I just wanted to go too fast.


I did the back panels with two colours of flowery fabric and the pillows close with a shiny button.




I love these pillows, even with all the pink in them.

When I was out in the garden taking pictures, Fleur came out too and went on with her hobby: collecting branches and wooden blocks. Normally they are on a little shelf in a corner of the garden, but she takes them, puts them in her corner of the garden and goes and lie between them.


Have a nice weekend!


Groetjes, Dorien


Naturally Carol said...

Isn't that fabric special? I don't think I have seen anything made with Bliss that I don't like. Your cushions are particularly wonderful, they make me smile just to look at them.

Naturally Carol said...

I just read your comment on my space..I have the fabrics colour sorted and just take the little piles of colours out of the box to play with before I make's not so hard. Of course a glass cupboard would be ideal!

dutch sisters said...

Love the cushions!

Hawthorn said...

Lovely cushions, very pretty

Anonymous said...

I just love Fleur! I just can't get over how alike she looks to my Springer Spaniel. Your pillows are great and I totally know what you mean regarding quilting speed. Too slow and it's not right and too fast and it doesn't look good and your stitches start to look patchy and all different stitch lengths. Finding the happy medium is sometimes hard with quilting speed although I do find that I'd rather be faster than slower!! Have a great weekend and hope your boys feel better soon! :)

Wendy said...

The pillows are lovely!! The fabrics are just gorgeous and your quilting looks great to me!

Teje said...

Hi Dorien! They are just perfect!!!
I love the colours and the fabric ... but you have created them as the most beautiful pillows! You have made so fine details and I have no idea how you have quilted those figures! I'm happy there is Quilt School starting soon.
xxx Teje

Teje said...

Hi again ... I was fancying so much your pillows that I forgot to say how sorry I'm for your boys. I hope they are better! Nice to see your sweet dog busy with her works!
xxx Teje

Madeleine said...

Wow, just wow! I love them! :D

Jantine said...

Prachtige kussens!