Monday, February 28, 2011

Trial and error

Good morning, I hope you had a wonderful weekend. We celebrated the birthday of our oldest son. He’s now 15 years old, bigger than his mama, and of course he now thinks he doesn’t need us anymore! So I counted the number of times he called me because he couldn’t find something, didn’t know how to do something, or for whatever reason. Just in one day, he ‘needed’ me 16 times! I guess he still has a little bit of growing up to do.

The last week I’m back to pattern-writing. This time it is a slow process; making a lot of errors, frogging, trying again, some more frogging and finally being happy with the result. Then after writing it down, I have to test it all again, make changes and test again.

It is so nice to think of something new, to make a new ‘design’, but the technical aspects of writing the pattern are quite boring. On the other hand, when writing and testing the pattern I come up with a bunch of new ideas, which I can’t execute because I first have to finish this one.


And a little bit of fun; this is our youngest son in the snow in Austria last week. The thing on his head is a hat in the shape of a little hog.

Oostenrijk 18-26 feb 2011 203

Groetjes, Dorien


Monique said...

Hallo Dorien,
Allereerst nog hartelijk gefeliciteerd met de verjaardag van je oudste.

Wat vind ik het toch knap dat je je eigen patronen maakt. Ik moet zeggen ondanks dat ik niet kan zien wat het wordt vind ik het nu al heel mooi.
We krijgen toch wel het eind resultaat te zien he!

Groetjes, Monique

Clara said...

Boys always need their Moms. I think it is sweet because he soon will become a man and will have to pretend he does not need you! Looks like they are having loads of fun. Good luck with the designing. Pattern writing is certainly a bit of work.

Jantine said...

Wat een grappige muts!! Die zoon die je niet meer nodig heeft, mocht hij willen ;-)