Monday, January 24, 2011

A mystery revealed and Pink again


Hello. How nice of you to stop by. I’ve had a wonderful, though very busy weekend. Our youngest son is going on a snow-camp in a few weeks, so he needs all kinds of clothing and shoes. So we went on a shopping trip once again. I don’t know anything about shoes which you can use in the mountains, so the (very nice) lady in the shop had to explain everything, and helped us to make the right choices. I never knew there was so much difference between all the types and models, and I almost believe you have to study to really understand it all. But, in the end, we came home with exactly what he needed, so that’s okay.

Remember I told you about the mystery knitting project with beads? Well, this weekend we got the final clues, and I managed to finish it. It became a lovely drawstring bag.


Even the bottom looks nice.


Knitting with beads was something I had never done before,  but it is actually quite easy and I’m definitely going to do it again.

Right now on my working table: more pink!!

Picture 016

Have a good day!!

Groetjes, Dorien


Gillian said...

Such a Beautiful bag Dorien, Lovely work :)

Love those pink flowers also, beautiful shades.

Monique said...

Dorien, wat een schattig tasje is dat geworden. Heel liefjes met die kraaltjes. Ben benieuwd wat je met die rose bloemetjes gaat maken

Corina said...

Wow, wat een mooi tasje zeg! Die wol valt ook precies goed uit en die kraaltjes maken het erg bijzonder.

Jantine said...

Great bag! Did you line it with fabric?

Teje said...

Hello Dorien! That blue is amazing with those pearles! I just love it!
And pink...always so qute and looks interesting!
Have a great week! Teje

Clara said...

The shades of blue are so pretty in the bag and the little beads give it such a pretty, dainty, feminine look.
The pink flowers are really cute.