Tuesday, January 18, 2011

8!! and a finish

My favourite way of looking into the world!
For more than 35 years I have had glasses (I was very young when I got them!!). Sometimes the frame was small, sometimes big. It was made of metal or plastic. It was blue, brown, red, purple, orange of silver coloured. But now I have really the best frame ever. Very small, but so colourful.

Picture 001


Picture 013

  I never knew how difficult it would be to make pictures of a pair of glasses! Of course, the weather is so gloomy and dark that there is just no good light. But, there you have it; my favourite way of looking into the world.

This week I have been working on a blanket for J. It has a jungle theme,

Picture 056

Jungle colours

Picture 053

Jungle binding 

Picture 055

Picture 049

Picture 048

Just perfect for a little monkey!

Groetjes, Dorien


rozemie said...

hi Dorien,

your glasses are great fun. With all those colours, it must go with every outfit you have. I love the jungle blanket too !

Simone de Klerk said...

Wat mooi! Zoonlief zal er wel heel blij mee zijn!
Mooie bril om de wereld mee te bekijken!

Gillian said...

Love your glasses Dorien, I wear glasses all the time too and appreciate the feeling of finding the perfect pair :)

Love the quilt, well worth all the work you have put into it!

Clara said...

Love your glasses and the quilt is just out of this world! Wonderful!

Please drop by my blog and pick up your award!

Naturally Carol said...

Wow...Dorien those glasses are wonderful...love all the colours on them...fun! What a beautiful quilt you have made as well.

Patz said...

Loving it! Loving both, actually. Wearing glasses myself, but haven't managed the funky ones like you just yet... As for the quilt; I'm drooling!

Teje said...

Dorien...how you have already finished the Jungle Quilt!!! It's amazing and fantastic! I love and surely your boy is sooo happy for it!
And then...Vow...oooh...I want those glasses too!!! I wear glasses also almost 35 years and there has been many pairs and kinds! But yours are the most adorable! I had long time ago those 'turtle brown circles' if you know! They were my favorite but now I have found new favorite!
I have had now many years these 'unvisibles' and I'm hoping to get new this year...you think I could get those? Please tell me more about them...I just love them!
Can glasses really be this great? Yes!!! Your first photo is good!
xxx Teje