Monday, December 6, 2010

4 Addictions, and a new project

Favourite number 4. Addictions. Usually not something to be proud of, and I do have a few. Of course you already know I am a fibre addict. I loooove chocolate, as dark as I can get it. And this year I got a new addiction. And it became immediately my favourite. SWAPPING!!!! This really is the nicest addiction one can have. Every time you get surprised by the most lovely goodies and yarn, or homemade items. Up to now, I have never been disappointed. I already have shown you parcels I got, the bag from Sandra, and this week again the postman came with a beautiful parcel.

Picture 015

It was from Stephanie, my Pillow Swap partner.

Picture 030

She made me a beautiful pillow which just seems perfect in our rocking chair. 
But not only a pillow, there was more in the package. In our correspondence, I once mentioned that I am a bit envious of the people in the USA, because of all the fabulous quilting magazines that are available. So, she included one for me!!

Picture 027Beautiful ideas and pattern for the Holidays. I just keep looking at them, not sure what I should make.

On my table there is something new. I am trying to make a typical Dutch item. Not going to tell yet what it is.

Picture 052

Picture 048

As you can see it is partly circular. I am trying, crocheting, and a lot of frogging. I am writing down the pattern immediately, because I have to make two pieces, which have to be the same. (maybe any Dutch reader might know what it is going to be?)    

Groetjes, Dorien


Jantine said...

Yes, I do, but I think it wouldn't be fun to spoil it for the others... It has to do with Dutch tr... no I am not going to tell...

Maria said...

Well I have no idea but am totally intriuged.
Your swap pillow is lovely

Monique said...

Ik pieker me suf maar zou het niet weten. Ben zeer benieuwd.

dutch sisters said...

Wat een geslaagde pillow swap, De pillowcase die Stephanie voor je gemaakt heeft is prachtig! Wat je daar aan het haken bent mag er ook best wezen...lijkt verdacht veel op een rokje voor op de fiets! Ik hou me aanbevolen voor het patroon.
Groetjes, Corry

Anonymous said...

Hey Do,
Love your comment:)
Thank you so much!
Have a beautiful evening

Teje said...

Hello Dorien! How lovely packet you received! I love also your rocking-chair (I dream to have one but I'm worried about the feet of my dogs)!
And this new crochet project...I don't know what it could be...colours are the most beautiful (my favorite)...may I guess...a skirt - for your self or for the tree?
Wishes! Teje

patchworkdelights said...

Looks intriguing, cannot figure out what it's gonna be though? A table centre?

Love doing swaps too! So exciting opening the package, and waiting in anticipation that your swap partner likes what you made them!


Allison said...

i am so intrigued by your crochet project! i can't wait until you reveal more. it looks so pretty already. great colors and flowers!

Patrícia said...

Olá..seu blog é lindo.
Já sou sua seguidora.

Simone de Klerk said...

Wat een leuke 'verslavingen' vooral die laatste (o:
Nou ben ik toch echt benieuwd wat je aan het maken bent. Typisch Nederlands. Iets wat met je vorige post te maken had?
Ik wens je een fijn, gezellig en rustig weekeinde!