Friday, December 3, 2010

3 About a doll


Hello everyone, from a very cold, snowy Holland. This time I want to tell you something about my favourite DOLL. Yes indeed, a doll. Not that I still play with dolls; actually, I never really did. All I used to do was sew clothes for them.

My favourite doll is not a doll to play with. I got her for my first birthday from my grandparents. They lived in the province of Zeeland, and wanted to give their grandchildren something from there. So I got a doll in costume. The costume is handmade and exactly according to the standard of the region of Zuid-Beveland; to be more exact, the protestant costume.

Picture 002


Picture 005

Although the dress and the scarf are very specific, it is especially the cap which tells where the costume was worn.

Picture 004

When I was a child and I visited Zeeland, there were quite some women in the streets wearing the costume. Not only in Zuid-Beveland, but also in other parts of Zeeland. Nowadays it is still worn, but very seldom.

For the costumes there were special fabrics. I have a few of them in my stash. They are quite heavy cotton fabrics, and the designs are woven in.  As far as I know, every single fabric was used in a specific way, according to certain rules for making the costumes.

Picture 011  

Groetjes, Dorien


Teje said...

Hello Dorien! Lovely post with your unique doll! I didn't play much with dolls either but made cloths for them or cut their hair!
I loke very much those fabrics! do you have any plan for them?
Thank you for your visit and lovely words! xxx Teje

Jantine said...

I have fabrics like that in my stash. I got them from my mother in law. She has lived in Goes for years (I was born there too) but I didn't know those were costume fabrics!