Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weekend babbling

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. I certainly am! Yesterday my son and I went on a shopping trip to Amsterdam. Although it was very crowded, we had a lot of fun. Of course our main goal was to find presents for Sinterklaas, but aside from that, we just love to look around and try to find ‘funny’ stuff. Next to some presents, we bought a few sweaters for J. and for me the most gorgeous shoes.

Picture 019

Back home, I managed to sew together all the little squares I showed last time, made two rounds of single crochet and it was finished. Did you ever guess it was becoming a piano runner?

Picture 013

Because the place where I always work with fabric and yarn is right next to the piano, there is always getting way to much dust between the keys. So that is why I made this, just a quick and easy project.

The hanger cover I made last week got some company. I searched the whole house, and managed to find another couple of wooden hangers. Of course they had to be covered, and this time I didn’t use any pattern, but just ‘did’ something. I used a lot of leftover yarn, so the colours don’t really match,

Picture 023 Picture 022Picture 1


Groetjes, Dorien


Clara said...

What a fantastic post! I am going to make my very own piano key runner! I love your bench cover as well. Most of all I love that you or someone else in your family loves Beethoven, who is my favorite composer. I'll be posting the piano key cover when it is all ready to go. I'm in the midst of a little renovating but will show it soon. Thanks again! The hanger covers are fab too!

Ms C said...

Totally love the new boots!

Jantine said...

Love the boots a lot! And the piano cover is great! Goes with the seat perfectly!

Denise said...

I love your piano runner. It goes great with your bench.

dutch sisters said...

What a great idea, a granny squares piano runner. Love the new boots too!

Anna Martijne said...

Leuk gedaan zeg, een pianoloper maken van je sqaures.
Natuurlijk heel belangrijk om je piano goed te beschermen, je hebt me toch wel op een ideetje gebracht. Maar eerst moet ik de nodige sokken breien voor verschillende mensen....

Anna Martijne

Madeleine said...

The hangers are just lovely. Great idea! :D