Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Christmas is coming

This week I have finally started to make gifts and decorations for Christmas. Because some people I am making gifts for just might take a look over here, I can only give a little sneakpeek of this:

Picture 006

I really like the colours of this yarn. It is working out perfectly and I really hope that the person it is for will like it too.

For decorations I found a very nice pattern for snowflakes. It is quite easy and you can make several on just one evening.

Picture 002

In my stash I had a  ball of silver yarn. I have had it for years and never knew what to do with it,  but for these little snowflakes it is perfect. So far I have made five of them (and still quite a lot of yarn left). After crocheting them, I have stiffened them to keep their shape. It was the first time ever I used fabric stiffener, but it was quite easy and the result is great. You can find the pattern here .

 Picture 016

Groetjes, Dorien


patchworkdelights said...

Love the silver stars/snowflakes, they are very very pretty.

Hazel said...

Beautiful gift and snowflakes! x

Simone de Klerk said...

What mooi, die paars/grijze wol! En de sneeuwvlokken zien er erg mooi uit!

Anonymous said...

I bought a book on Crochet Snowflakes some years back and I have never made any from it! I keep saying every year that I will and I always forget - I'm going to go get it out and make some this year for sure! :)

Monique said...

He, ik heb ook al zin in de kerst. Wat een mooie wol, prachtige kleur. En de sterren zijn ook lief.

Clara said...


Erin said...

Love the snowflakes. The silver is fabulous.

Teje said...

Hello Dorien! That 'present' looks very exiting! Lovely idea to use silveryarn for those beautiful snowflakes! I have made white (a little bit thicker yarn), but yours looks perfect!
Wishes Teje

Jantine said...

Lovely little stars!