Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Our watchdog

It is Fall break, so the boys are not going to school. The youngest one is on a survival-camp in the Ardennes in Belgium, and the oldest one is at home. Although it is now almost 11, he still thinks he can stay in bed. (Hmm, maybe some cold water may give him a hint).

Because it is now really cooling off outside, I can finally wear my scarves again. It feels so good to have a soft and warm scarf around my neck.
And  because it is autumn, I finally put my autumn-quilt on the wall again. I totally forgot about it.

Picture 004 bijgesneden

Picture 005

I made it a few years ago and I still like it very much.

The last few days I have been crafting a lot for some different swaps, and in due time I will show some pics of it. What I can show is this:

Picture 106

Little acorns. I am using a pattern I found at Ravelry, but I did change a few things because somehow the original didn’t really work for me.

Picture 112

To go with them, something which is guarded  by Fleur very carefully

Picture 102 bijgesneden

Groetjes,  Dorien


Simone de Klerk said...

Wat zijn die eikeltjes schatjes!!! En oh, wat kunnen onze dieren toch schattig en zielig en lief kijken!

Anonymous said...

Aahhh Fleur is sooo cute!!! We have a Springer Spaniel too - her name is Poppy and she is a complete loon! Springer by name, Springer by nature!! She never tires out and once had a penchant for eating my crochet (it was my crochet death!) - it's on my blog with a pic of Poppy too looking sorry for herself after I had told her off.

Crochet with Raymond said...

Wow Do! your quilt is so amazing! I think it's the best quilting I've ever seen in fact.... I love the way it is so.... spikey and it kind of moves!
Love it!

Jantine said...

Love your acorns! The autumn quilt is one you won't be able to look at, so much to see in such warm colours...

Teje said...

Hello! I'm happy to meet you and enjoy your wonderful creations! You have also beautiful dog! I'll go to see more your lovely things!
Best wishes from Finnish woman living in Crete!

annielizabeth said...

Howdy! What an amazing quilt. You shouldn't ever put it away but proudly display it always. Just gorgeous!!!