Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mail from Sandra

A few days ago a box was delivered, all the way from South Korea. Off course I knew it came from Sandra, who was my swappartner for the Super Style Bag Swap . When I opened it, it already looked beautiful; pink and red tissue paper wrapping with a lovely card:

Picture 002

Of course, I was very anxious to see what kind of bag she made, as we agreed on a secret swap.

Picture 008

I am stunned. This girl really knows how to sew. It is perfect. I really like the colours. As I told her already, I never would have made a bag like this myself, but I like it so MUCH!!!
The size is perfect to hold everything I always carry around with me, and even a book fits in.

Picture 009

And if that weren’t enough, she also put in this gorgeous fabric with little Swedish horses and a package with chop sticks.

Picture 011

Just don’t know if we will ever use them for eating, because none of us seems to know how to use them. But I always have some chop sticks in my sewing box, because they are perfect to make clean, sharp corners (and they won’t get dirty that way!!)


Groetjes, Dorien


Claire said...

Wat een mooie tas!!

Simone de Klerk said...

Een heel mooie tas! Leuk, met die bloem erop. en dan nog met een mooi stofje en stokjes! Heerlijk, om zoiets met de post te krijgen.

Anna said...

via via je blog gevonden
wat ben jij creatief zeg! erg leuk om te zien

Clara said...

What a fantastic parcel.

Gillian said...

ooooohhhh Lovely!

Teje said...

Hello! What a lovely packet and wonderful bag! I have my lovely special chop sticks in a ceramic bowl for decoration! I got them once from my sister who was then living in Japan!
Wishes Teje

patchworkdelights said...

Dag Dorien.

I am so glad that you landed on my blog (via Flickr) love the fabric that you received there with the chopsticks, very nice! I keep chopsticks in my patchwork room too, for turning corners!

Will be reading your blog too. All the best


Erin said...

What a lovely package!!! Love the bag and the horse fabric...lovely

savaria said...

ohhh, I just saw this blog entry. I am so glad you like everything but YOU are the one that made the most incredible bag EVER! I need to update my blog soon and put up some pictures.
And yes, the chopsticks are very good for turning corners. I have some in my sewing corner as well. :))