Sunday, August 8, 2010


At last, I have finished the lacy scarf. I was short of yarn, so I had to wait until yesterday before I could buy some more. But after that it was full speed ahead, and nothing else until it was long enough.

Picture 039

Picture 038 

Picture 044The colours came out so nice, I keep looking at all the shades and how they flow in each other.

Besides making this scarf, we went to a book market. The weather wasn’t so fine, so it wasn’t too crowded, which meant a lot of room to look at all the booths and browse through everything. I went hoping to find something about crochet or knitting, but there wasn’t anything.  What I did find, was this little embroidery book, with patterns from several famous Dutch buildings.

Picture 024And inside, of course:

Picture 025The most famous building of my hometown, Alkmaar, De Waag.   I don’t know if I will ever make this pattern, but still, it’s nice to have.

Don’t think this was all we got; it is impossible for anyone of us to go past a bookstore, or leave one with empty hands. So a book market is like a candy store for us. The boys already took their treasures with them to their rooms, so I can only show what DH and I got:

Picture 028(I made two piles, because otherwise it seems even more)

Now, it will be hard choosing the next days; will I be working on my Fair Isle Sample, or, crawl in a corner of the couch, with these books?


Anonymous said...

mooie sjaal en waar heb je de wol gekocht?
groetjes j.s.

Just-Do said...

De wol is "Fabel" van Drops. Ik heb hem gekocht bij Finlandia in Bergen.

José said...

Ik kom ook uit Alkmaar :-)
Mooie sjaal!

Ravenhill said...

Your scarf is just fabulous! I love the look of it, the colors are magical and the texture is unique and wonderful!

byPetra said...

Wauw, prachtig deze sjaal. En het kleur effect, zit dat in het garen?

xx Petra said...

Hello again Do!! And WOW!! That scarf is truly magnificent!! I love how it looks like you could spend hours just stroking it... Do you have the pattern for it? I'd love to give it a go!! Thanks :-D XOX