Friday, August 27, 2010

I’m back!

Last week we escaped to this cute little cabin in Drente. The first few days were wonderful. The weather was great so we took a few nice walks. The area has a lot of woods and fields to cross, there don’t live too many people. If you take a close look at the picture, you see the path at the left. That took us right onto an estate, where you could walk for hours. How lucky for us, and for the dog!

Picture 002 The second half of the week, it started to rain, and it didn’t stop anymore. So what to do? No problem, I took out my hooking needle, some yarn, and started to crochet.

Picture 048And some more

Picture 072And then of course, I had a lot of threads to weave in and cut off

Picture 067Now, I’m off, have a LOT, a LOT of laundry!  


Karen said...

Hi, I found you over on I Crochet. I've enjoyed visiting your blog. Your crochet rounds are so colorful. Sounds like the perfect holiday.

Denise said...

Hello, found you via Karen's blog. I love your crochet work and hope you manage to get through all that laundry !